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Monday, November 22, 2010

Take Charge of Education with Target!

We've discovered a terrific way to raise funds for our school. It's super-easy, and all you have to do is use your Target® Visa® Credit or Debit Card (the REDcard). 

Each time you use the card, Castle Rock will receive a percentage of the amount of each purchase in the form of a cash donation from Target through the Take Charge of Education® program.  As a bonus, YOU will receive 5% off your entire purchase.

It's easy. Just visit target.com/tcoe, or call 1-800-316-6142 to apply for a card and designate Castle Rock as your school.  If you already have a Target® Visa® Credit or Debit Card, you can still go to the site or call and designate Castle Rock as your school.

So, if you're going to Target anyway, please consider using your Target® Visa® Credit or Debit Card.  Grandparents, alumni, neighbors and friends can take part, too.

So far, Castle Rock has received almost $6000 from this program.  There are already 21 Castle Rock families participating.  Sign up today!