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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Knights Conquer the Track and Field

Castle Rock's Running Club competed in the 26th Youth Day Track and
Field Event at Mt. San Antonio College on Saturday, April 2.  All of
the kids did a wonderful job.  The following boys and girls competed -
Ryan Pacis, Allison Kang, Aleta Chang, Cash Langi, Kaitlyn Savolt,
Alex Diaz, Jennay Mitchell, Marisa Umeh, John Dempsey, Matthew
Emanuele, Logan Knight, and Darshan Sonawala. 

Cash Langi took 1st place in the 4th Grade Long Jump.  The fifth grade boys (John Dempsey, Matthew Emanuele, Logan Knight and Darshan Sonawala)placed 3rd in the Sprint Medley Relays.  The fifth grade girls (Kaitlyn Savolt, Alex Diaz, Jennay Mitchell and Marisa Umeh) placed 1st in the 4x100M Shuttle Relay.  John Dempsey placed 3rd in the 5th grade long jump and 1st in the 100M Dash.  In the 5th grade girls 100M Dash, Jennay Mitchell placed 2nd,
and Marisa Umeh placed 1st. 
It was a great day for the Castle Rock Knights Runners!