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Monday, February 27, 2012

CRCC Finance Update for Feb 2012

We will post the CRCC Finance Records on a monthly basis to continually work to keep all our Castle Rock Families informed.  ALL of the funds collected through fundraisers come directly from you and your involvement.  ALL of the funds spent go directly towards your child's education and activities in school.  Here are some of the items that our CRCC has funded for this school year:

  • Field trip transportation for all students
  • Technology
  • "Meet the Master" Fine Arts Program
  • I.B. Educational Enhancements
  • Copy machine contracts

Without your support, none of these would be possible.  Thank you!  Please continue to support our students and our school!  Castle Rock is the best!!!

Fundraising Goal for then 2011-2012 School Year: $75,000

Funds Raised as of February 2012 :  $31,110
(entering our last trimester of school)

First, this is our CRCC's Financial Balance Sheet (click to view):

Secondly, this is our CRCC's Financial Profit & Loss YTD (Year To Date) Statement (click to view):