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Friday, May 18, 2012

2nd Graders Had a Royal Time at The Fairy Tale Ball

Castle Rock Elementary had our very first 2nd Grade Fairy Tale Ball last Friday.  Approximately 80% of the 2nd grade students attended the Ball with their mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa as their special date!  Also in attendance were all of our 2nd grade teachers, Mrs. Sullivan, and Mrs. Johnston (CJ).  It was truly an exciting time for everyone and an evening we will never forget.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the numerous people that made this event possible for our students and their families.  Due to their love for Castle Rock and its students, the Directors and the Committee Chairpersons spent countless hours, energy, and resources in preparation for this special event.  Thank you!

Head Director: Mrs. Brown
Assistant Director: Esther Do

Committee Chairpersons:
Arts & Crafts and Photography: Alex Sampson
Decorations: Cindy Yee
Finances & Clean-up: Sharon Chang
Games: Esther Do
Refreshments: Emily Wang & Lina Tedja

Event Volunteers:
Committee Chairs
Alicia Silva
Adelynne Chang
Angela Steele
Biren Shah
Clem Ziroli
David Moskovitz
Debbie Liu
Doug Yee
Meka Myers
Natalie Griego
Veronica Martinez

Decoration & Set-up Volunteers:
Committee Chairs
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Schmidt
Mrs. Yim
Mrs. Wilson
Ameesha Shah
Arcy Seif
Rowena Joe
Susan Pak

Room Parents:
Cindy Yee
Dawn Ziroli
Esther Do
Parvaneh Darvish

Special Services:
Alisha Kirkham - Photography (donated her services)

Michael Acosta - DJ (provided a special discount)
     Michael Paul's Entertainment

Shellyann Silva - Balloon Artist (donated her services)
     Wild About Balloons

Special Donations:
The 2nd Grade Families - for all their generous donations of candy & prizes

The Flores Family - the see-saw for the "Tournament of Knights"

Mirela Golonka - the knight's capes for "Tournament of Knights"

The Kang Family - the floral centerpieces & bouquet
     Ever Blooming Floral & Gift in Yorba Linda

Chili's in Diamond Bar