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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Castle Rock's 2012-2013 Room Parents

These are the wonderful Lead Room Parent Volunteers of Castle Rock for 2012-2013. Let's support them and work together to provide and exciting year for all of the students of Castle Rock.

Ms. Carren (TK)
Deanna Rizzo
Ms. Alvarez
Katherine Houk
Ms. Luber
Lynette Tamayo
Ms. Sims
Ms. Gordon
Brooke Shimano
Dawn Daza

First Grade:
Ms. Deweese
Engel Tanuwijaya
Ms. Howard & Ms. Martin
Christina Munoz
Ms. Rohm
Ichien Chen
Ms. Yee
Pamela Jong

Second Grade:
Ms. Brown (2/3)
Mirela Golonka
Ms. Schmidt
Miriam Marascola
Ms. Wilson
Akiko Calvera
Ms. Yim
Linda Chu

Third Grade:
Ms. Brown
Mirela Golonka
Ms. Johnston
Alex Sampson
Ms. Pianalto
Cindy Yee
Ms. Roddy
Esther Do

Fourth Grade:
Ms. Boots
Simi Sandhu
Ms. Ramierez
Katherine Nguyen
Ms. Winder
Susan Mitchell

Fifth Grade:
Ms. Rodgers
Esther Do
Ms. Stokes
JoAnn Johnson
Mr. Thayer
May Lasko