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Monday, July 3, 2017

Meeting Minutes for May 12, 2017

Meeting began at 9:20
Next year's board: Mike motioned to approve, Sam seconded. Approved unanimously
Refer to list

Relay For Life information 
Two parent meetings but no attendees. Hoping for more help
Event to be held at Suzanna Middle School. Each booth has a theme and donates items to sell and make money for their school. Our school will have a corn hole game booth

Principals report:
Recommended video thinking about life and what's next - "Why Your Life Is Not a Journey" by Alan Watts

"The Big Move"
Changing the name of the new library to the "Research Hub"
See photo
5th grade will have rooms connected by doors
All teachers are moving to new locations this summer except K and 4th
State testing completed, students did well; no technology problems, finished in 2 weeks, 100% completion rate
Possibly new furniture one grade level at a time
Furniture desired is similar to CJ Morris that has wheels, handles, outlets, USB ports, and flexible seating options
Big 40 ft dumpster coming for during construction, certain items can't be thrown away but district will pick up

Dr. Byrne has suggested to the district that we need more parent education classes with speakers. Will try one Saturday full-day of classes at a high school location in the fall: keynote speaker and breakout classes including technology skills, academics class, and/or follow up with 6 week seminar afterwards. Will ask for speakers.

Beautification for MPR with larger pictures, cabinets, etc.

Yearbooks have been received and will be labeled soon

Prizes for knights on the run to be delivered today, to kids next week sometime

Update on DOC: still up in the air at present

Large SUVs needed to take clothes from clothing drive to OC. Mr. Morrison is the point person 

Meeting ended 9:50

Budget report: see budget

Resma Byrne
Theresa Liao
Nancy Castorena
Sam Castorena
Jeanette Doen
Michael Ramirez
Rowena Joe
Annie Largado
Tina A

Disaster preparedness:
Mr. Morrison point person
Goal to be completed ASAP during summer and next year
Bun has been cleaned, repainted, and will be emptied out again
Food, barrels filled, First-Aid supplies