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The Community Club is YOUR VOICE at Castle Rock Elementary. Any parent or family member of a Castle Rock student is strongly encouraged to join. Community Club works along side our fine teachers and staff to raise much needed funds, as well as assist with various school activities.

Funds raised by the Community Club’s Educational Fund Drive, Fall Fundraiser, Knights on the Run (jog-a-thon) have provided computers, field trip entrance fees and buses, assemblies, lunch area and playground equipment, Meet the Masters art program, emergency preparedness supplies, and cash allocations for school materials/supplies for our teachers, librarian, and resource specialists.

Community Club cannot exist without donations and volunteers! There are countless opportunities for parents who wish to help, many of which require only a limited commitment of time. If you would like to become involved, please attend one of our meetings. They are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Music Room at Castle Rock. Everyone is welcome!

Please join and support your Community Club and help us give our children the best educational experience possible!

2013-2014 CRCC Meeting Minutes



IN ATTENDANCE : Christina Munoz, Leslie Wihelm, Sam Castorena, 
Nancy Castorena, Martin McNally, Susan Mitchell, Cindy Yee, Mirela 
Golonka,Tina Arciga, Brenda Corcio, Annie Wang, Rowena Joe, Yasmin 
Colon, Lynette Tamayo, Mrs. Sullivan, Steven Dorsy 
Called to order: 9:06 am

Principles Report:

 IB Awards on Monday, May 19

 IB Report coming any day from findings

 Mrs. Howard will be IB Coordinator at C.J. Morris also

 Snow cones will be sold today for Beach Day

Christina Munoz:

 We received thank you cards from teachers

 KOTR was really fun and went really well

 Luncheon was fun for all

Treasurer's Report:

 Book fair did very well

 - $2888 profit

 -Parents and teachers really appreciated the $10 gift certificates


 - $15.79

Nominations for '14- '15 CRCC 

 -Martin McNally motioned the nominations


 - seconded by Sam Castorena

 - nominations closed and voting begins

 -Board of Directors

 President- Christina Munoz

 1st V.P. ( Ed Fund)- Cindy Yee

 2nd V.P. (KOTR)- Tina Arciga

 3rd V.P. (Other Fundraisers)- Annie Wang

 Secretary- Martin McNally

 Treasurer- Rowena Joe

 -Chair person/ Coordinators

 3rd grade music mobile- Open

 5th Grade Picnic- Alex Sampson & Mirela Golonka

 Bookfair- Christina Munoz & Annie Wang

 Box Tops- Licia Villagracia

 Coordination Council- Sam and Nancy Castorena

 CRCC website- Grace Hu

 Donations- Oscar & Brenda Corcio

 Emergency Preparedness- Martin McNally

 Fall Harvest Festival- Annie Wang,Licia Villagracia,Sam Castorena

 Family Dining Out- Sam Castorena

 Hospitality- Leslie Wilhelm

 Meet the Masters- Lynette Tamayo

 Parent Workshop- Leo Matsuda & Tina Arciga

 Room Parent Coordinator- Ichien Chen

 Yearbook- Rowena Joe & Pam Jong

 Spirit wear- Tina Arciga


 15 out of 16 voted in favor of the list as is. 

 - list approved

Open Floor

 Proud of the foundation we have built in the CRCC

 - positions are almost full!

 Discussed Fifth Grade Picnic miscommunications

 -correct budget was explained

 - We will move forward together, learn from bumps in the road

 $61,728- total to year in fundraising!

Upcoming Important Dates and Events

5/19- IB Awards ( May)

5/22- 5th Grade Exhibition

5/23- No School

5/26- Memorial Day ( No school)

5/27- 5th grade to Knott's

5/28- Kinder, TK End of the year Programs, Awards gr.1,2, 5th Grade Picnic

5/29- Last Day of School, Awards gr. 3-5, 5 th grade walk

Meeting end: 10:09am



IN ATTENDANCE : Christina Munoz, Licia Villagracia, Sam Castorena, 
Nancy Castorena, Martin McNally, Susan Mitchell, Cindy Yee, Mirela 
Golonka,Tina Arciga, Brenda Corcio, Annie Wang, Rowena Joe, Mrs. 
Called to order: 9:06 am

Christina: Greetings! Just over 30 days left of school!

Principles Report:

IB Review

  - went really well! We even got claps and cheers!
 - recommended: more time for Spanish 
 - next Friday is staff development day


 -2 weeks completed
 - science: only pencil and paper
 - math: putting pieces together to form answers
 - taking info from class to input into computer

 Next Wednesday Rowena Joe and Anna Rodriguez receives award

Treasurer's Report:

 Knights on the Run 
 -brought in $ 9,500
 - went smoothly, kids had fun. Thanks to all the parents who helped out

 Popcorn/ Popsicles 
- $199.62

 -$1350 (ads) $3000 net
 - 15 extra books on hand for backup only
 - submitted; doing final touches

 May 1st-9
 -certificates for kids done. There will be no cash back 
 - discussed whether to attach to flyers or go home with parents

Emergency Kits
 - Bars ordered
 - donate soon to be expired bars since we ordered new ones

District Meeting

 Sam Castorena attended meeting
 - we are using furlough days to train teachers on common core 
 - there was earthquake damage to Diamond Bar HS 
 - DBHS ranked one of the highest in the country 

 - Businesses creating internships for graduates at DBHS, which creates great opportunities for our children

 - our district is incredible and we are lucky to have the privilege to be in it

Open Floor
 - talked about copy machines constantly breaking down. Might be less expensive to purchase new copier

 - looking into LED sign display; getting more quotes 

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

4/14- 4/25: State testing

4/16 - Board Awards, Rowena Joe and Anna Rodriguez

4/18 - no school

4/21- First Grade field trip- Neighborhood walk

4/25- Crazy hair day

4/29- School Site Council

4/30- Fourth grade to Riley Farms

5/1 - Book Fair begins 

5/2. - Kinder to Tanaka Farms

5/5- 5/9 - Teacher Appreciation Week

5/5- April IB Awards

5/6- New family tour

5/9- Sports Day, Book fair ends

5/14- TK/ Kinder Parent Tour

5/16- CRCC Meeting and Budget Meeting

5/17- Beach Day

5/23- Furlough Day

5/26- No School Memorial Day

5/28- 5th grade picnic

5/29- Last day of school- Modified Day

Meeting end 9:45am



IN ATTENDANCE : Christina Munoz, Licia Villagracia, Sam Castorena,
Nancy Castorena, Martin McNally, C.J.,Tina Arciga, Brenda Corcio,
Annie Wang, Rowena Joe, Mrs. Sullivan
Called to order: 9:15 am

Principal's Report:

 Intervention teacher
 - 67 kids in attendance
 - Kinder started a week later

 - teachers: Lori Stokes with Mrs. Gordon in language arts and math
 - finalizing schedule- 3rd,4th, and 5th

 IB Evaluation
 - March 17th and 18th
 - Mrs.Howard will meet with teachers, kids, and principle
 - every 5 years
 - first grade teacher coming from Colorado
 -EL Intervention class: 9-10 kids signed up already

Treasurer's Report:
 -sales $449
 Box tops:

 Pre-sale only!!!
 -orders due 3/27
 - due date for class page 3/19
 - yearbook will be 90 pages

Knights in the Run
 March 14
 - Pre-sale for teachers
 - pre-sale coming to parents
 - sweatshirts as prizes only
 - set-up at 7:15am
 -starts 8:30am
 -20 mins each grade

 -1st week of May

 - talked about the technology getting better within the last 4 years
 - merging with other systems

 Parent Portal
 -get pass code from office
 - click on Parent Portal on Castle Rock website and enter passcode
 - you can get contact info, past report cards,and test scores
 - some upper graders can get syllabus, attendance and homework

 - scavenger hunts with parents
 - top left-hand corner- education link with games
 - bottom left- community info
 - homepage bulletin

 - only school with fillable forms for enrollment online
 - CJ would like to make it available to register online at some point
 - parents previously needed to do 12 things, now cut down to 5
 - only need to turn in signature card/ emergency card
 - less paperwork makes it easier for parents and teachers
 - thank you CJ!!!

* Please check our website for all info and communication WVUSD.K12.CA.US

 Room parents
 - next year parent volunteers need to be notified about clearance

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

3/10 -Before School EL Intervention begins
3/14 - Knights on the Run
3/17 3/18 - IB Evaluation
3/21- TK to kid space museum
3/24- first grade to LA Zoo
3/28 - Possible Furlough Day- staff development for teachers
3/31-4/4 - Spring Break
4/7 - March IB Awards

IN ATTENDANCE : Christina Munoz, Mirela G., Licia Villagracia, Sam

Castorena, Nancy Castorena, Martin McNally, Melissa Fuentes, Brenda
Corcio, Annie Wang, Rowena Joe, Mrs. Sullivan

Called to order: 9:05 am

Principles Report:

Common Core

- 60 people attended common core information night
- we will be having 3 parent meetings on Feb 25,26, and 27
- teachers are working hard on IB planner
- teachers worked on IB on staff development day

Intervention teacher

- Interviewed teachers
- possible start date: 3/1
- there will be a meeting in the end of February
- teachers picked the kids who will need the intervention teacher

Pennies for Patients

- fundraiser for cancer
- assemblies and drive begins 2/10 - 2/28

Furlough Day

- will be working on common core
- our teachers will will be sharing with other teachers

CR Board Awards

- 2/19 7:00 pm
- we will be honoring Rowena Joe and Ana Rodriguez

Treasurer's Report:


-sales doing well at $301.06

In the bank: 123,313.96


Pre-sale only!!!
-$22.00 each

Knights in the Run

March 14
- discussed possible prizes and details for the event

- went over the $10 gift certificate we will be giving back to students

Board Positions for next year
- talked about positions and who will be signing up for next years events

Open Floor

- discussed more about children with allergies and what we can do to help

Upcoming Fundraisers
- looked into possible ideas, new and old
- will be getting more information on new Fundraisers and sharing next

Upcoming Events and Important Dates
2/10 - Pennies for Patients Assemblies and drive begins through 2/28
2/12 - New Family Tour
2/17 - Presidents Day- no school
2/18 - Furlough Day - Staff development day for teachers ( no school)
2/19 - CR Board Awards 7:00pm DOC Rowena Joe, Ana Rodriguez
2/21 - End of 2nd Trimester
2/25,26,27 - District CCSS meetings, WHS, DBHS, DOC 7:00pm
2/28 - Report cards go home
3/3 - Feb IB Awards
3/4 - School Site Council
3/5 - New Family Tour


IN ATTENDANCE : Christina Munoz, Cindy Yee, Tina A., Mirela G.,
Susan Mitchell, Licia Villagracia, Sam Castorena, Nancy Castorena,
Martin McNally, Oscar Corcio, Brenda Corcio, Annie Wang, Rowena
Joe, Mrs. Sullivan

Called to order: 9:05 am

Christina Munoz: Happy New Year

Principles Report:

  • District is doing Common Core training
  • - teachers are using an inquiry based approach
  • - being an IB school, our teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and help coach others
  • - teachers develop their own lessons rather than following a text book
  • - children tell you how they get their answers rather than just writing them
  • Staff development day
  • - January 16
  • - we will be working on Common Core
  • CCSS Parent Night
  • - Common Core info
  • - Kindergarten parents welcome! You can gain knowledge on what will be coming up in the future
  • CPR and First aid Class
  • - January 14
  • - 15 people have signed up
  • Back Gate
  • - some parents believe there is an inconvenience to park their cars
  • - this has cleared traffic in back gate area
  • - we have extra staff
  • - teachers feel children are safer
  • Intervention Teacher
  • - will be interviewing in the next couple months
  • - we have an intervention teacher for 3 1/2 months
  • Peanut Free Zone
  • - signs will be placed at the ends of the tables

Treasurer's Report
  • Opened an online savings account that will gain .4 interest
  • Box Tops $548.00
  • Copier Contract
  • - talked about ending contract to save money
  • - due to waste at beginning of year, we spent more money

Book fair

  • New dates
  • - moved to May 1- 9
  • Give back to students
  • - $10 will be rewarded to students towards books
  • - kids can decide to put the money towards a book or donate to library
  • - there will be no cash back

Dining Out

  • Chick-Fil-A
  • - January 19
  • - flyers will be going home

Spirit wear
  • - we got a new vendor in Diamond Bar to support our city
  • - Pre- order forms will be going home

Knights on the Run
  • - Jog-a-thon
  • - donations from family and friends
  • - per lap or flat donations

Meeting at district
  • - meeting with other community clubs from other schools
  • - talked about other possible fundraiser ideas

Upcoming Important Dates and Events

1/10 - progress reports go home
1/14 - CPR / First Aid class
1/16 - Chestmasters begins
1/17 - Professional Development day (no school)
1/20 - Martin Luther King Holiday (no school)
1/22 - CCSS Parent Night
1/27 - IB Awards Assemblies
2/7 - CRCC Meeting 9:00am
Meeting ended : 10:10am

CRCC Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2013

Called to order: 9:08am

Greetings: Hello everyone, quite a few people out due to sickness

Principle's Report: -Food truck event tonight at the district 1730-2100
                              -12/19 Kindergarten Holiday Show
                              -New nut policy coming into effect
                                  -End of every table there will be a
                                  designated peanut free zone ( by tape of some sort)
                                  -There will be a letter going home explaining more detail about new policy
                                -Safety issue raised ( back gate); safety of teachers and students
                                  - some resolves will be coming soon
Treasurer's Report: - Total $ raised for Ed Fund $ 34,758.95
                                -Mixed Bags: total raised $4,932.60 ( can still order online with school code 
                                  to raise $)
                                - Popcorn/ Popsicle sales: total raised $894.41
                                - $86,393.83 in the bank
Spirit Wear: - New design,new vendor in city of Diamond Bar to help support our city
                    -Pre-order forms will be going home in January
                    -Next year we will sell Spirit Wear in the beginning of the school year
Ed Fund Apples: arrived and will be placing work order to install on wall

Meeting end: 10:20pm

CRCC Meeting Minutes
Nov 1, 2013
Attendance: Christina Munoz, Tina Arciga, Mirela Golonica, Annie Wang, Karen Kremling, Susan Mitchell, Cindy Yee, Martin McNally, Andrea Jorgensen, Licia Villagracia, Nancy Castorenia, Carol Sullivan, Rowena Joe
Called to order: 9:05am
Christina Munoz: Greetings
Principles report: - We had our Business Day, Dr. Robert Taylor, the Superintendent and members of the cabinet attended and said coming to Castle Rock reminded them of why they chose this job              
                             - IB evaluation day
                                - data on test scores
                                - special needs policy
                                - language policy
                             - Members of the staff attended a 3 day conference
                                 - learning more about Common Core
                             - Principle’s Fundraiser raised $5100
                                - goal  $10,000
                             - Advised on 2ndfundraiser for intervention program
                                - intervention program helps all children
                                - intervention teacher can help English learners, allowing teachers to give all students more attention
Treasurer’s Report: Popsicle/popcorn sales - $483.44
                                 Karen, Attorney at Law, joined us to give us information regarding
                                 the Lisa May case. 
                                   - we talked about a possible civil case, but voted on not pursuing
                                   - Rowena, with extreme hard work and time, was able to recover a
                                      $44,602.47 resitution ( huge round of applause for Rowena!)
Mixed Bags: $8,900.00 sales and more to come
Chilli’s Tip a Teacher: Nov 6th
                                      - 11am-11pm, 15% of receipt goes to Castle Rock
                                      - 4pm- 9pm, teachers will be serving
                                      - flyers will go out on Monday
Box Tops- $528
Copier Use: Anyone using the copiers, please ask for help if needed.  Everyone is more than happy to help and answer questions.  Proper use will help us conserve
Bylaw Update: Need to update Bylaws
                          -need 2-3 person committee to look over Bylaws
                          - Nancy  has samples

Meeting ended: 10:34am
Upcoming Important Dates and Events: Wednesday, Nov 6th- Chili’s Tip-a-Teacher
                                                                Monday, Nov 11th- No school (Veterans Day)
                                                                 Nov 19,20,22- Modified days
                                                                Wednesday, Nov  27- Furlough day
                                                                 Nov 28,29- No school (Thanksgiving Holiday)
                                                                Friday, Dec 6- CRCC Meeting
* If you would like to have more information or have any questions, PLEASE join us for our monthly meetings.  As a Castle Rock parent, you are welcome and always part of the Castle Rock Community Club.  These meetings give you a chance to gain knowledge about our school activities and have your voice be heard.  Thank you!

CRCC Meeting Minutes
Oct 4, 2013

Attendance : Christina Munoz, Tina A., Mirela G, Susan Mitchell, Licia Villagracia, Sam Castorena, Nancy Castrorena, Melissa Fuentes, Oscar Corcio, Cindy Yee, Martin McNally, Rowena Joe, Mrs. Sullivan 

Called to order: 9:05am

Christina Munoz: Good Morning

Principle's Report: 

• STAR test is done
• Time to concentrate on Common 
• SBAC Online test
  - field test will be 1/2 mathematics
      1/2 language arts
  - all students will test for one or the
  - 6 teacher for mathematics, 6 
      teachers for language arts
  - January 16th will be parent night
      • attend for information about 
        Common core 
• Thank you Rowena and Cindy for all  
  your hard work!

Treasurer's report

• $34,375 from Ed Fund!!!
• $299.22 from Popsicle sales for

Mixed Bags

  - orders will be here in December

Spirit Wear

• possible new vendor
• planned for January 
• Spirit days every Friday
• will be available for pre-order

Family Dining Out

• November 5-6 @ Chilis
• December ( date TBA) @ Chick-fil-a

Popsicle / popcorn sale

• Fridays 
• as weather turns cooler, we will sell 

Meeting ended at 10:10am

Upcoming important dates and events:

10/7  - IB Awards
10/15 - testing for English learners
10/17 - Great American Shakeout
10/21 - Field trip: kindergarten goes
            to Pretend City
10/22 - Fall Picture Day
10/24 - IB parent info night
10/25 - Field trip: 1st grade goes to 
            Sky zone 
10/28-11/1 - Red Ribbon Week
10/30 - Storybook Parade

CRCC Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2013
Start: 9:04am

Principle: Thank you to everyone who is here. 

    - API scores: up 11 points!! Yay!   Great start to the new year!   Students are doing so great already.  Teachers are amazing!
     - Interention Program
       • Principle's fundraiser in October 
         • 55 kids last year
         • by law we cannot fund program because program is not for ALL children.
         • Nov.-may ( 4 days a week)
         • asking parents to donate $20 per child to have this teacher
         • this program helped scores go up with each class

Guidance counselor - Patty Ma

    - vote for newsletter
      • $209/year, 1-2 per month

Common Core

    - grades 3-10
    - mathematics, language arts, critical thinking skills
    - parent night coming this fall
    - gets children ready for the work force
    - this year will be a field test
    - adaptive online test


    - reveiwed last year's income statement

Book fair-$2,100 profit!

Ed fund- doing well

Disaster kits- bars will be ordered this month

Room parent : coordinator meeting 9/20  9:30 am ( 9:00am set up)

Dining out: Chilis - tip a teacher

Fundraiser : mixed bags oct 14-25

                    - to be delivered before Christmas

Scripps- (for website) Target gives back

              - please sign up for target gives back.  Linking cards to Castle Rock will give $ back to school!!

All Donations are tax deductible!

There will be a Sept 11 observance

Meeting end: 10:20am