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The Community Club is YOUR VOICE at Castle Rock Elementary. Any parent or family member of a Castle Rock student is strongly encouraged to join. Community Club works along side our fine teachers and staff to raise much needed funds, as well as assist with various school activities.

Funds raised by the Community Club’s Educational Fund Drive, Fall Fundraiser, Knights on the Run (jog-a-thon) have provided computers, field trip entrance fees and buses, assemblies, lunch area and playground equipment, Meet the Masters art program, emergency preparedness supplies, and cash allocations for school materials/supplies for our teachers, librarian, and resource specialists.

Community Club cannot exist without donations and volunteers! There are countless opportunities for parents who wish to help, many of which require only a limited commitment of time. If you would like to become involved, please attend one of our meetings. They are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Music Room at Castle Rock. Everyone is welcome!

Please join and support your Community Club and help us give our children the best educational experience possible!

CRCC Meeting Minutes

CRCC Minutes

February 5, 2016

Meeting called to order at 9:07 by Christina Munoz

Members attending: Christina Munoz, Kelly Howard, Wendy Carrillo, Nancy Gomez, Odile Dawid, Michael Ramirez, Andrea Jorgensen, Theresa Liao, Rowena Joe, Karin Lunsford

Principal’s Report:

March 18 – CARE.org event 6-8pm ice cream social, held in conjunction with CJ Morris, DBHS, WHS, to learn more about CARE.

Treasurer’s Report:

$117.31 received as matching fund for the Ed fund

For more details, see Treasurer’s report.

Book Fair:

Runs from 3/17 to 3/24, will close book fair after Open House on the 24th.

Knights on the Run:

KOTR is scheduled for March 18, but we will try to change to March 11th.


Order forms went out the week of 2/1, yearbooks are preorder only.

Board Positions:

New officers are needed for the next school year, many positions are open.

Open Floor:

Shoparoo – App for smart phone, take a picture of a receipt (almost any receipt) to earn points for Castle Rock, meeting certain point requirements will earn money for the school.

Karin Lunsford introduced SELPA – Special Education Local Plan Area supports the implementation of the individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, which is the federal law for Special Education.

Father/Daughter dance, and Edconnect will be sent to make sure there are enough in attendance to cover expenses.

Meeting closed at 9:55.

January 8, 2016

Meeting called to order at 9:13 by Christina Munoz

Members attending: Christina Munoz, Dr. Byrne, Wendy Carrillo, Nancy Gomez, Odile Dawid, Michael Ramirez, Andrea Jorgensen, Theresa Liao, Sam Castorena

Principal’s Report:
Received scanners for 100 Mile Club.
Received ball carts.
BOSCARS coming March 3 5:30pm (Thur) at the DBHS theatre.
State testing in April.

Treasurer’s Report:
Ed Fund apples were ordered.
For more details, see Treasurer’s report.

Book Fair:
Last week of March before Spring Break.

Knights on the Run:
KOTR will be March 18. There will be a committee to run it. First meeting will be end of Feb, to start organizing the event.

Dining Out:
Dining out will be at Chili’s on Jan 11 and 12 from 11am-11pm. Teachers will not be working.

Order forms will be coming out soon, ads for 5th grade.

5th Grade Picnic:
Linda Chu will be running the picnic, date to be determined.

Jump Rope for Heart:
Jump Rope for Heart will be Feb 4th during PE. Popsicles have been ordered.

Open Floor:
Meeting closed at 10:01.

November 6, 2015

Meeting called to order at 9:04 by Christina Munoz

Members attending: Christina Munoz, Dr. Byrne, Wendy Carrillo, Nancy Gomez, Annie Wang, Odile Dawid, Michael Ramirez, Andrea Jorgensen, Theresa Liao, Rowena Joe, Amber Watson

Principal’s Report:
IB parent night had a small turnout due to rain.
IB conference: Teachers learn 7 new ways to teach.
100 mile club starts Monday, hopefully same can complete 100 miles even with the late start, 120 students have signed up so far. Running from 7:50 to 8:15.
Tech Committee starts Monday.
Wishlist: Instead of individual classroom balls, have community balls, need 2 ball carts ($350/ea); Software($350) and scanner($250) for 100 Mile Club, Student Council will buy one scanner.

Treasurer’s Report:
$29805.19 raised for Ed Fund. Need to Co-ordinate with the class winner for Cherry on Top party.
$2671.44 raised from Fall Book Fair.
$2835.59 raised from Family Fun Night.
Taxes were filed.
$1000 was donated by a parent for Faculty Events.
For more details, see Treasurer’s report.

Family Fun Night:
Raised less money than last year because CRCC provided baskets for raffle.
Need more help with the paperwork and advertising.
Consider accepting credit/debit cards next year.
Need to empty bin.

Science Olympiad:
M. McNally made motion to approve $382.26 for registration fee and rule book. N.Castorena seconded. Motion passed.

Open Floor:
Measure O did not pass.
Christmas lunch and Dec meeting at Chili’s Dec 4 11am.
Chik-Fil-A Nov 12th and Jan 12th.
Motion to close by M. Ramirez, seconded by C. Mu
Meeting closed at 10:01.

October 2, 2015

Meeting called to order at 9:01 by Christina Munoz

Members attending: Christina Munoz, Wendy Carrillo, Nancy Gomez, Annie Wang, Odile Dawid, Michael Ramirez, Andrea Jorgensen, Theresa Liao, Ichien Chen, Mirela Golonka

Education Fund:
$10,690 raised so far. Sending Ed Connect reminders.

Emergency Kits:
New bins still need to be purchased. The Great Shakeout is on Oct 15. Emergency kit letters to go home soon.

Family Fun Night:
Donations received from HSBC and H-Mart. Planning to have baskets donated by each class, each grade will have a different theme for basket items. Teachers have signed up time or items for donation. Have classroom trick or treating and costume contest. Will have auction in the amphitheater. Need volunteers, will send requests for time slots.
Food will be Hawaiian BBQ and pizza.
There will be a prize booth and a raffle.

Science Olympiad:
Start Wed, Oct 7. They still need four more students from the 3rd grade to join the team. Entry fee will be $380 for the competition. Need to have a vote for CRCC contribution for the registrations fee.

Open Floor:
Measure O: need more phone bank volunteers for October date.
Meeting closed at 9:40.

September 4, 2015

Meeting called to order at 9:05 by Christina Munoz

Members attending: Christina Munoz, Dr. Byrne, Wendy Carrillo, Martin McNally, Nancy Gomez, Sam Castorena, Kim Doehla, Annie Lagardo, Odile Dawid, Rowena Joe, Susana Esqueda-Lazaro, Hetal Shah, Michael Ramirez, Andrea Jorgensen

Principal’s Report:

Welcome to the new school year. There are 622 students currently enrolled at Castle Rock, Castle Rock is the Kindergarten overflow school for the Diamond Bar parts of WVUSD.

The vision for the school year is balance for the teachers. Teachers that have balance the needs of self, family and work will be happy and effective teachers.

Castle Rock is trying to get a 100 mile club started on campus, to have the children run laps in the morning before school. The students will be rewarded when that reach various milestones. For more information go to  https://100mileclub.com/.

Treasurer’s report:

Financial details are available in the financial reports.

Education fund will be starting the week of 9/7/15.

Book Fair:

The fall book fair was a success raising $2500. The next book fair will be scheduled aroung open house in spring.

Education Fund:

Flyers and envelopes will go home the week of Sep 7. The goal is to raise $110 per student.

Emergency Kits:

Mr. Morrison cleaned out the storage area with the emergency kits, water pump, first aid kits will need to be replaced. Last year bins were purchased for all of the classrooms.

Room Parent Meeting:

The room parent meeting will be on Sep 11 at 8:30.


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We are looking into dining out at Chik-Fil-A, In-N-Out, and Chili’s. Looking for other suggestion.

Family Fun Night:

Family Fun Night will be on Oct 30 5-8pm with a Fall Harvest/Trick or Treating theme. There may be a door decorating contest, photo booth.

Tina A. will be in charge of the food.

Board Positions:

Still have 3 VP positions and other chairs still open.

5th Grade Picnic:

5th grade parents and other volunteers will start selling popsicles on Sep 11.

Open Floor:

Father/Daughter; Mother/Son dance. Kim Doehla is looking at various locations to stage two separate dances a Father/Daughter and Mother/Son. Potential dates in February.

Next meeting will be Friday October 2 at 9am.

Meeting closed at 11:15.