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The Community Club is YOUR VOICE at Castle Rock Elementary. Any parent or family member of a Castle Rock student is strongly encouraged to join. Community Club works along side our fine teachers and staff to raise much needed funds, as well as assist with various school activities.

Funds raised by the Community Club’s Educational Fund Drive, Fall Fundraiser, Knights on the Run (jog-a-thon) have provided computers, field trip entrance fees and buses, assemblies, lunch area and playground equipment, Meet the Masters art program, emergency preparedness supplies, and cash allocations for school materials/supplies for our teachers, librarian, and resource specialists.

Community Club cannot exist without donations and volunteers! There are countless opportunities for parents who wish to help, many of which require only a limited commitment of time. If you would like to become involved, please attend one of our meetings. They are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Music Room at Castle Rock. Everyone is welcome!

Please join and support your Community Club and help us give our children the best educational experience possible!

2011-2012 CRCC Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 18, 2012
CRCC General Meeting

Castle Rock Community Club Room 3
Meeting called to order: 9:03 am
Meeting adjourned at: 9:59 am
Attendees: Esther Do, Tani Ross, Christina Munoz, JoAnn Johnson, Cindy Yee, Mirela Golonka, Colleen Johnston, Rowena Joe, Pamela Jong

Greetings/Correspondence: Pamela Jong

-Good morning to all.  This is our last General meeting for the school year.  Budget meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5 at 9:00am at Castle Rock.  Email will be sent out. 

-Correspondence: Thank you card from Mrs. Brown for CC’s hard and dedicated work all ear long.  Book Fairs were fantastic, KOTR a success.  Also appreciate the Teacher’s Luncheon.  Mrs. Brown expressed her appreciation in everything the CC does for CR kids and school

-Correspondence: Thank you card from Mrs. Roddy for an outstanding job the CC has done.  Mrs. Roddy expressed her gratitude to all the moms and dads that work together to make CR such a great place.  She thanked for the T-shirts and the luncheon among others.

Principal Report: Mrs. Sullivan, Colleen Johnston attended the meeting in place of Mrs. Sullivan

-Mrs. Sullivan was not able to attend this meeting.  She had a TK Grant meeting scheduled at the same time.  She sent an email to be read at the meeting along with some important upcoming dates: “My regrets for not being able to attend your last meeting.  Please share with everyone how thankful I am for all the hard work they have all done.  Our school could not survive at its high level without them.” Read by Colleen Johnston.

Colleen Johnston:

-CJ expressed her appreciation to the CC for a very smooth.  Asked attendees to fill out Reflection sheet.  Reflecting on the past year and see what can be improved for next year.

-Attendees mentioned making the new parents aware of what the CRCC does and possibly coming up with a generic form listing all the events CRCC puts on and have them translated into other languages.

Treasurer’s Report: Rowena Joe
(April 12-May 16, 2012)

-Net income for the period is $11,403.28.  This includes KOTR Gross income of $11,555.81 that was collected up to date.  $440 from Family Fun Night. Dining Out of $137.86.  Popsicles sale of $141.25.  Please refer to attach Profit and Loss Report for details.  

Knight On The Run: Tani Ross

-Total Gross donation: $11,572.31 (up to May 17, 2012).  T-shirt sale $192.00 (these were sold to parents and teachers). 

 -Total expense up to date for prizes and material: $2505.97.  This also includes the 3 water jugs purchases, which are not exclusive for KOTR.  The jugs can be used for all school functions.  Still need to purchase theme park tickets. 

-All prizes will be delivered during the school wide picnic on May 24.

Dining Out: Reported by Pamela Jong

 -Last dining out for the year is today, Friday, May 18 at Souplantation in Brea.  Please bring flyer for school to receive 20%.

Spirit Wear: Reported by Pamela Jong

-Pamela apologizes for not remembering to bring the shirts for Spirit Wear.  She will work on order forms and prizing over the summer and will be ready to take orders when next school year starts. 

2012-2013 CRCC Board Members

President: Tani Ross
1st Vice: Mirela Golonka
2nd Vice: Christina Munoz
3rd Vice: Cindy Yee
Secretary: OPEN
Treasurer: Rowena Joe
Coordinating Council: Pamela Jong

Carnival: Tina Arciga/Pamela Jong
Yearbook: Judy Cambiaso
Hospitality: Dawn Ziroli
Emergency Preparedness: Dawn Ziroli
Meet the Masters: Cindy Yee
Parent Workshop: Alicia Silva, Pamela Jong
Room Parent Coordinator: Mirela Golonka
Box Tops: Mirela Golonka
5th Grade Picnic: Melody Barajas, JoAnn Johnson
Music Mobile: Esther Do
Donations: Pamela Jong, Tina Arciga, Andrea Krantz
Website: Esther Do
Dining Out: Patricia Suazo
Fresh and Easy: Susan Mitchell
Book Fair: Rowena Joe, Christina Munoz


No allocations

Open Floor:

Pamela Jong: Per District, all pink slips have been rescinded due to some teachers taking early retirement with benefits. 

Pamela Jong: received check from Fresh and Easy for amount of a little over $1000.  Great job!

Upcoming important Dates & Events:

May 18: Souplantation Dining Out
May 21-25: Classified Employee Week
May 24: School Wide Picnic
              5th Grade Exhibition and Pizza Party
May 25: IB Awards Assembly (May)
              5th Grade Field Trip to Knott’s Berry Farm
May 29: 5th Grade vs. Teachers Sports Day
May 30: 5th Grade Picnic
              End of Year Awards Assembly, K, 1st, 2nd grades
              Kinder Program 9-11am
May 31: Last Day of School, Modified Day
              End of Year Awards Assembly, 3rd, 4th,5th grades
              5th grade Walk



Friday, Apri 13, 2012
CRCC General Meeting

Castle Rock Community Club Room 3
Meeting called to order: 9:00 am
Meeting adjourned at: 10:15 am

Attendees: Principal Carol Sullivan, Pamela Jong, Mirela Golonka, Tani Ross,  Tina Arciga, Cindy Yee, Christina Munoz, Parvaneh Darvish, Bonnie Carren.

Pamela Jong: Good Morning to all.  No correspondence this month.

Principal Report: Mrs. Sullivan

-Family Fun Night turned out great.   Thank you to CRCC to putting it together and all their hard work.  Teachers and staff appreciates all CRCC does. 

-ELAC: English Language Advisory Committee, parents of English learners.  They have regular scheduled meetings.  This is first year they elected to have a separate meeting to discuss related issues. 

-STAR test: Connect Ed will go out tonight to remind parents of testing dates.

-CRCC to provide snacks/juice boxes for all testing students.  35/class for upper grades and 25/class for lower grades.  Juices will be delivered to each class prior to start of school.  On the days of snacks, they will be bagged and ready for teachers to take to their classes prior to class starting.

See’s Candies: Tani Ross

-Amount of candy sold:                            $5315.06
 Amount of money collected:                   $5388.80
 Amount refunded due to overpayment:   $41.05
 Sub Total of Cost:                                   $3866.65
 5% Discount:                                           $194.33
 Total Cost:                                               $3692.32
 Donations:                                               $73.75
 Total Profit:                                             $1655.43

Knight On The Run: Tani Ross

-KOTR is on Friday, May 4.

-Taking pre orders for T-Shirt for staff and CRCC Board.  Cost is $8. 

-Silly String Party on 5/18 for class with most participation per capita.

-Breakdown for donation awards:  
          $25-$44.99:   Mystery Bag
          $45-$64.99:    Mystery Bag & something (not yet determined)
          $65-$104.99: Mystery Bag, something, T-shirt
          $105 and up:  all above plus backpack full of summer items

-Tina will look into the prices for large water jugs to purchase for CRCC, looking at 3 jugs. 

-Envelopes to go home on April 27

Treasurer’s Report: reported by Pamela Jong

(March 8, 2012-April 11, 2012)

-Net income this period is $9464.90.  Total income of $15,921.29 include $1536.88 from Spring Book Fair, $9146.33 from Family Fun Night, $500 Kumon Donation, $384.53 popsicle/popcorn sale, $1655.43 See’s Candies, $3405 is from yearbook presale.  Expenses include $33.92 for CRCC office supply, $310.60 for Earthquake Preparedness packs to include all the room missing Emergency Bags, $216.78 for PYP Enhancement, $998.19 for 5th Grade Picnic, $1668.03 for Copier Contract and Technology Staffing.  (Please see attached Profit & Lost Report dated March 8 through April 11, 2012)

Next Year’s Board: Pamela Jong

-Pamela will email out for vote.

-On the Ballot:
President: Tani Ross
1st Vice: Mirela Golonka
2nd Vice: Christina Munoz
(Christina is assisting Tani with KOTR this year and will qualify her to run for Executive Board for next year)
3rd Vice: Cindy Yee
Treasurer: Rowena Joe
Secretary: OPEN
Coordinating Council: Pamela Jong

Yearbook: Judy Cambiaso
Hospitality: Dawn Ziroli
Emergency Preparedness: Dawn Ziroli
Meet the Masters: Cindy Yee
Book Fair: Rowena Joe, Christina Munoz
Parent Workshop: OPEN
Room Parent Coordinator: Mirela Golonka
Box Tops: Mirela Golonka
5th Grade Picnic: Possibly OPEN (Pamela will confirm with someone who may have volunteered)
Family Dining Out: OPEN
Donations: OPEN
Website: Esther Do
Music Mobile: Esther Do
Fresh & Easy: Susan Mitchell

Transitional Kinder(TK): Bonnie Carren

-SB1381 was recently passed in California to change the age when children can begin kindergarten.  Under this new law, kindergarten enrollment dates change over the next three years to:

Nov. 1 for the 2012-2013 school year
Oct. 1 for the 2013-2014 school year
Sept. 1 for the 2014-2015 school year (and each year thereafter)

-Mrs. Carren will be teaching TK next year at Castle Rock.  As of now, it will be offered at CR and Vejar.  A 3rd site will open up if enrollment increases. 

-District not giving extra funding for TK, the only funding will be the normal amount given per student enrolled like the rest of the student body.

-TK curriculum is a hybrid that blends best practices from the pre-school learning environment with the best practices from the kindergarten environment.  Length of school is the same as Kinder Program, 8:20am-1:20pm. 

-Mrs. Carren will teach TK in her current room.  She will get the classroom ready over the summer for the TK program.

-Mrs. Carren is very excited to be teaching TK.  This class will be going on fieldtrips (different from Kinder), they will be an addition to CR. 

-Additional info can be found on CR website and District website.  Hard copy brochures are available at CR front office.


No allocations

-Next Meeting: Friday, May 18 @ 9:00am

-Upcoming Important Dates & Events:

April 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 STAR Testing dates
April 21: Teddy Bear Tea
April 23: MTM for Kinder
April 27: Chick-Fil-A Dining Out
May 1: Spring Pictures
May 4: KOTR
May 11: IB Awards Assembly
May 18: Souplnatation Dining Out
May 24: School Wide Picnic
May 28: No School
May 29: Softball game teachers vs. 5th graders
May 30: 5th grade picnic
May 30: end of year awards K, 1, 2
May 31: Last Day of School, Min Day
              End of year awards 3, 4, 5


Friday, March 9, 2012
CRCC General Meeting

Castle Rock Community Club Room 3
Meeting called to order: 9:06 am
Meeting adjourned at: 10:26 am

Attendees: Principal Carol Sullivan, Peggy Vera, Pamela Jong, Esther Do, Mirela Golonka, Rowena Joe, Tina Arciga, Cindy Yee, Susan Mitchell, Tani Ross, Christina Munoz, Parvaneh Darvish.

Pamela Jong: Good Morning to all.  No correspondence this month.

Principal Report: Mrs. Sullivan

-4th Grade STAR Writing Test went very well.  Students had as much time as they needed to complete the test.  Students were provided with a planning page for brainstorming.

-Literacy Week: great turn out.  Reporter from Highlander maybe writing an article.  Kelli Gile, Office of Community Resources at WVUSD also received information. 

-Mrs. Pianalto, SAMs (Students As Mediators) requested about 100 SAMs T-shirts to be order.
     - Pamela Jong will check for inventory before ordering.
     - Pamela Jong was able to locate 3 ½ boxes of brand new SAMs T-shirts previously ordered after the meeting.  This info was related to CJ to relate to Mrs. Pianalto. 
     - No new T-shirts will be ordered at this time.

IB Report: Mrs. Peggy Vera

-First of all, Mrs. Vera would like to thank all the parents and community club for all they do for our school.  School was able to constantly update and purchase material for IB program.  The IB inquiries are in the copy room in cabinets organized b grad levels. 

-The Site Council was invited to view an inquiry lesson given by Mrs. Roddy.  It was a science lesson about the Hubble Telescope.  Site Council parents got to see first hand how an inquiry lesson was taught and how the students asked questions.  Mrs. Vera would like to offer parents at the meeting to sit in an inquiry lesson.  Sign up sheet was passed around the meeting room.  They will be contacted based on availability.

Family Fun Nigh: Tina Arciga

-Family Fun Night on Friday, March 23 from 5-8pm.  Food Trucks, Sheriff Car, CHP Car, Lots of Carnival style games, wii gaming station in MPR.

-Wrap raffle baskets on Tuesday, March 20 in room 3 @ 9:00am.  Seeking volunteers. 

-March 16 will be the last day to turn in donations for the raffle basket.

Knight On The Run: Tani Ross

-Friday, May 4. 

-T-shirt design this year is going back to simple.  Mrs. Ross brought in design for this year for attendees to preview.  Volunteering parents are asked to purchase the T-shirt prior to KOTR to help promote.

-T-shirts and pizza party will be the rewards this year.  No sweatshirt.  Since it’s really close to the end of school, will make extra effort to collect the money after event. 

See’s Candies: Tani Ross

-Orders needs to be in by Friday, March 16.  Place order by March 21 and pick up from Industry warehouse and have everything ready by March 27.  Parents can pick up on March 29 and March 30. 

Dining Out: Susan Pak

(Reported by Pamela Jong)

-East 180 total receipt collected was only$347.08.  East 180 will be donated 10% of that which is $34.  No Dining Out in March because we have Family Fun Night and See’s Candies.  Since May is such a busy month for teachers, we will not be asking teacher to participate in Chili Tip the Teachers.  Looking into setting up either April 27 or April 30, after testing and another dining out in May.  Looking at Souplantation and Chick Fil A.  Souplantation having a promotion where they will donate 20% of sales.

Book Fair: Rowena Joe

-March 23: set up in the morning from 8-9am.  Will be open for teachers to preview and complete their wish lists.  Will be open during Family Fun Night from 5-8pm.  Book Fair will continue the following Monday, March 26-Thursday, March 29, hours are 8:00am-3:00pm.  Will close and pack up on Thursday for Friday pick up.

-Volunteer forms will be sent out to parents. 

Treasurer’s Report: Rowena Joe

(February 9, 2012-March 8, 2012)
-Net income this period is $1883.42.  Expenses include Educational Fund Drive prizes, popcorn/popsicle purchases, teacher allocation, copier contract, playground equipment. Income includes popsicle/popcorn sales. 

Presidents’ Report: Pamela Jong

-Revisit issue brought up at the last meeting regarding 2nd grade fairy tale ball.  Issue open up for discussion and additional comments.  2nd grade estimate about $50 for the backdrop and paint supplies needed to make a photo backdrop made of canvas and painted with castle image.  This can be rolled up for storage and can be used for other functions as well.  Since amount asked for is less than $200, no need for Board vote.  Pamela Jong, as co-president  will allocate $50 for the 2nd grade fairy tale backdrop.   

- $50 for purchase of backdrop material and supplies for 2nd grade fairy tale ball.

Open Floor:

-Susan Mitchell: brought up issue regarding after school program, Chess Masters.  She stated that it’s an expensive program and not all families can afford it.  Hence, she went to our school library to look for books on chess so she can help the children who are not in the program learn chess.  She found one book on the topic and brought it up to the attention of our librarian. 

(Discussion among attendees)

-In conclusion: Chess Masters is an educational program offered to families who choose to enroll their children on a volunteer basis.  Mrs. Bernal, Librarian is the person to decide which books are in need at the school library.

-Cindy Yee: Nomination for Board for next year.  Encouraged everyone to think about what positions he or she’d like to serve for next year.  Try to look for your successor.  Please let Pamela Jong know what positions you’d like to take.

-Esther Do: some suggestions to try to reach out to parents, have forms translated to different languages, put up a banner in the front of school to display upcoming events.  She shared her experience when she was a new parent.

-Christina Munoz: also shared her experience as a Kindergarten parent.

-Some suggestions offered by attendees: have forms translated; bring a friend to the meeting, etc.

-Next Meeting: Friday, April 13, 2011 @ 9:00am

-Upcoming Important Dates & Events:

March 12: Kinder Meet the Masters (Van Gogh)
March 20: Music Mobile 3rd grade
March 23: Family Fun Night (5-8pm)
March 26: 1st -5th Meet the Masters (Toulouse Lautrec)
March 23, 26-29: Spring Book Fair
March 30: IB Awards Assembly
April 2-April 6: Spring Break, No school

Meeting Adjourned at 10:26 am


Friday, February 10, 2012
CRCC General Meeting

Castle Rock Community Club Room 3
Meeting called to order: 9:03am
Meeting adjourned at: 10:20 am

Attendees: Principal Carol Sullivan, Pamela Jong, Esther Do, Mirela Golonka, Rowena Joe, Tina Arciga, JoAnn Johnson, Anju Jain, Linda Chu, Cindy Yee, Dawn Ziroli, Jean Ritchie, Judy Cambiaso, Susan Mitchell.

Pamela Jong: Good Morning to all. Thank you all staff/teacher for the Volunteer Brunch.  I can speak on behalf of parents that we volunteer not for the recognition but it is very nice to be recognized.  Thank teachers/staff for taking the time to prepare the beautiful spread of delicious food.

Correspondence: no correspondence this month

Principal Report: Mrs. Sullivan

-DBHS Football players continues to visit and work with some Castle Rock boy students on reading.  The students will be tested to evaluate their progress.

-Feb 22: Workshop in the evening on how to prepare students for State Testing.

-Teachers are working on trimester report cards. 

-STAR state testing in April.  Students are being prepared in class for testing.

-Transitional Kinder have about 20 students district-wide registered. 

-Mrs. Brown along with all second grades would like to put on a Fairy Tale Ball on Thursday, May 10.  This correlates with the IB units on Fairy Tales.  They are asking about $300 from CRCC to help pay for the DJ and some decoration.

(Mrs. Do explained the event and plans on behalf of Mrs. Brown.  She showed pictures from another school’s Fairy Tale Ball event.  They plan to make the Fairy Tale Ball an annual 2nd grade event.  A committee of second grade parents will be gathered to put on this event.  They plan to charge an admission donation to help pay for the event.  They will also ask for food/snack donations from second grade parents)

At this point, Pamela Jong expressed reservations about CRCC paying for the DJ and event decorations since this is a single grade level party event and does not benefit all or majority of students at Castle Rock.  Pamela Jong and Rowena Joe will review the budget and will consider paying for the backdrop they need for the event.  The backdrop will be used year after year.  Pamela Jong expressed that CRCC would like to collaborate with all teachers in anyway they can.  This issue will be revisited at the next meeting.  No comments were made by anyone else at the meeting.

President’s Report: Pamela Jong

-Coordinating council Report: Pamela mentioned last meeting that District is sending out a survey to sort of take a snapshot of the school climate.  Will be about 25 questions and additional space for additional comments.  The area of focus will be

1.safety: do kids, teachers feel safe at their site.

2.Relationships: between students and teacher: i.e. do the kids like their teachers.

                        Between staff & parents

3. Teaching & Learning: assess based on learning of students

4. Institutional Environment: do sites have adequate facilities, support to school, staff, and teachers?

Survey will be send out via email to all parents in the district via Survey Monkey, time frame is Feb 23-Feb 29.  It takes about 5 minutes to complete.  Available in English, Spanish, Korean and Mandarin.  Also available in hard copy for parents who do not have access to internet. 

4the grade and up students will also be taking the survey, they have a student version.

District would like the most possible number of parents taking the survey to give them the best picture of the climate at each school.

If you have children at different school, you will be able to take a survey for each school.  If children are in the same school, unfortunately, you can only take 1 survey. 

They will analyze the data by school and also district wide.  They’d like to see what we are doing right and what needs to improve.  Results will be available on the district website. 

-District 5K Run/Walk: 3rd  annual District 5K/1K run/fun walk is on Sun. March 4 starts at DB High school.  Saturday is the pre race showcase at Walnut High school, food trucks, entertainment, pick up your race bibs.  Fund collected is allocated back to our school to use. 

-Mrs. Sullivan mentions at this point that last year’s 5K run brought in about $300 from Castle Rock Registration; about an additional $500 was allocated to Castle Rock from the general funds collected by the district.

-Teddy Bear Tea: April 4 at Royal Vista from 10-2.  All the school and each of the departments at the district were asked to decorate a Teddy Bear Basket with goodies inside for raffles at the Tea.  The money raised at this event will be used for teachers mini grants.  Each mini grant is $300 and they’d really like to be able to award all the requests by the teachers.  Pamela Jong and Susan Mitchell volunteered to put together the basket.  CRCC will not use CRCC funds to purchase event ticket and send one of us to the event.  Individuals who would like to attend can purchase tickets.  

-Parent Workshop: District offering parent workshops on various topics.  The dates and time can be found on District website.  Will be posted on CRCC website as well. 

-We will be selling See’s Candies in March.  Tani Ross in charge of organizing.  Orders will be ready for pick up before school is out for Spring Break.

-Looking for next year’s CRCC Board.  Anyone interested, please contact Pamela Jong.

Treasurer’s Report: Rowena Joe

(Jan. 18-Feb 8, 2012)

-All financial documents available for viewing in Mrs. Sullivan’s Office.

-Total income this period:  $1104.99 which includes $867.09 from Box Tops, $237.90 from Friday snacks.  Expenses include field trips, teachers’ allocations, IB-PYP, copier contracts and maintenance.  Net loss this period of $2962.29. 

Yearbook-Jean Ritchie:

-Pictures from class room parents were requested to be in by Feb 17.

-Dedication Ads start: Feb 14-Mar 14 for all 5th grade parents.  Will then open that up to the rest of the school for purchase.  Ad prices are as follows: ½ page for $75 and full page for $125.

-Cover page contest open to all 5th grade students.  Art work to be submitted from Feb 13 to Feb 27.  Winners of the artwork will be used for front, back and inside covers of the yearbook.  Total of 4 winners will be selected from the art work submitted. 

-Presale yearbook starts Feb 13 until April 9.  Prices for presale is $25.  Price will become $30 after the presale date ends.  Only cash will be accepted after the presale ends.

Emergency Preparedness-Dawn Ziroli

-Some areas of the school do not have emergency bags.  For example, Chinese class, Science Room, MPR, Nurses Office…etc.  If there was a lock down during an emergency, students might be in those areas of the campus.  Dawn will gather all the rooms that do not have emergency bags and will discuss with Administration on whether they are needed.  Pamela will review the budget and see how much is left that was budgeted for Emergency Preparedness.  If within original budget, will not need Board approval.  If expenses will go over original budget, Board vote will be required.

Fresh and Easy: Susan Mitchell:

-Mrs. Mitchell estimated about $1000 collected from this fundraiser.  Fresh and Easy will have a total and check in May 2012.  Mrs. Mitchell volunteered to coordinate this fundraiser again next year.

-Winning class is Mrs. Stoke’s class will the most dollar receipt collected.  They will be awarded an ice cream party funded by Fresh and Easy.

Music Mobil: Susan Mitchell:

-3rd graders will have their Music Mobil in house assembly on Tuesday, March 20 in the morning.  2 sessions will be provided for all 3rd graders.  Mrs. Mitchell will coordinate for volunteers and picking up of the Music Mobile Van from the District Office.  Pamela Jong handed info Packet to her.  Mrs. Do who coordinated this event last year also handed additional CD and info to her.

Additional Fundraiser: Susan Mitchell

-Mrs. Mitchell would like to coordinate another fundraiser by Roundtable Pizza.

Family Fun Night: Tina Arciga:

-Family Fun Night on Friday, March 23, 2012 from 5-8pm. 

-Will have CHP and Diamond bar Sheriff booths.

-Game booths hosted by each classroom.

-Shed cleaned out, games organized.

-Food Trucks will be there.

-Save the Date flyers went out to parents.



Open Floor:

-No additional comments 

-Next Meeting: Friday, March 9, 2011 @ 9:00am

Upcoming Important Dates & Events:

    Feb 20: No School-Presidents’ Day

    Feb 27-Mar 2: Literacy Week

    Mar 2: Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

    Mar 2: IB Awards Assembly for month of Feb

    Mar 6: 4th grade Writing Test

Meeting Adjourned at 10:20am


Friday, January 20 2012
CRCC General Meeting

Castle Rock Community Club Room 3
Meeting called to order: 9:05am
Meeting adjourned at: 10:10 am
Attendees: Principal Carol Sullivan, Pamela Jong, Parvaneh Darvish, Esther Do, Mirela Golonka, Rowena Joe, Tina Arciga, JoAnn Johnson, Tani Ross, Susan Pak, Anju Jain.


  -Thank you note from Mrs. Johnston for Holiday Caroling Event.  Mrs. Johnston mentioned in her note that her class loved singing for their parents and had a great time.  Several other teachers and staff also communicated to CRCC Board Members that they appreciated all the hard work parents put into the event and were happy to see so many families came out to watch their children sing.

Principal Report: Mrs. Sullivan

  -Training on technology at school for teachers and staff.

  -DBHS Football players volunteering their time to help tutor some Castle Rock boys with reading.  Project coordinated by Mr. Thayer.  The Football Team Coach was a former Castle Rock Student and former student of Mr. Thayer.  Currently, 2nd and 3rd grade boys who can benefit from this reading/buddy program meet once a week during the last part of school.  The project is currently set for 10 weeks.  After the 10 week session, possibly another set of 10 weeks will be scheduled

  -Mrs. Sullivan related message from CJ that she truly appreciates all CRCC is doing.  Everything is going very smoothly this year.       

  -Mrs. Vera asked for an amount of up to $250 to purchase supplies to update the IB new standard handbook for teachers. 

   -No Name Calling Week next week.  Ways for students to report bullying include verbally to teachers and staff and also in writing for those students who doesn’t feel comfortable reporting verbally. 

President’s Report: Pamela Jong

  -IRS Status: we are officially reinstated with the IRS.  Determination Letters available for donation requests.

  -Coordinating Council Report:

*Nov meeting: Jackie Brown talked about the Transitional Kindergarten project, Castle Rock and Vejar El are the 2 sites for the TK.  Start school year 2012-2013.  The program will set the students foundation for Kindergarten.  The instructional material is completely different from standard Kindergarten.  After 3 years, they are hoping to open this program up to all elementary schools.  Average of 140 students per school year that have fall birthdays. 

(Mrs. Sullivan updated: this program may be on hold due to budget)

*Dec meeting: Guest speaker was School Board Member Nancy Lyons: She stated that with the school board, and the district staff, the coordinating council represent the essential third leg of the three legged stool.  Thanks all the great parents we have in our district.

Superintendent Dr. Conklin stated that we have 2 new School Board Members, Larry Redinger and Phillip Chen and that they are all on the same page in regards to the direction of our district. 

*Jan meeting: Jack LeBrun: Assistant Superintendent of Business gave Budget update:

Mid year cut: $13.11 per student and 50% reduction of transportation, home-to-school transportation totals $359,491. Total reduction $549,088. 

2012-2013 budget is out which is based on the November initiative to raise taxes. If this initiative passes, then school funding will remain stable but no gains except for the 50% reduction in transportation.  If the initiative does not pass or does not get on the ballot, then the schools will be reduced statewide by 2 billion $.  How this affects us is $260 per student cut.

Rev.vs. exp: our district each year is using reserves to cover more expenses than revenue coming in.

How does the reduction in transportation effect bus drivers, which are contract employees of the district?  Board of trustees will decide how to cover the shortage from the mid year cut.

What is proposed now is not set, it may all change. 

$9/$10 district spent is on people so its really hard to cut expenses without effecting employees.

Dean Conklin: They’re not letting the budget cuts effect the everyday decisions.  Really working on moving the whole organization forward without affecting what the kids deserves.

3 goals fore the District:

 1. Technology
 2. Defining & Measuring success
 3. Articulation

  1. Technology: Hired a new Director of Technology, Kenny Goodson started about 2 months ago.   Prior to Kenny, we lacked consistency in the everyday workings of technology.  With new director, bring consistency of technology throughout the      District.  Also have plans for what we want technology to look like in the future.  Mr. Goodson visited all but 1 site to better evaluate the weaknesses and also the strength.  He will come up with a detailed report for the district and suggestions to make the technology department a stronger one. 

  1. Defining and measuring success: the obvious answer is test scores. But are there other important values that we have to define success, i.e. School climate, how much attention do we pay to teaching kids about caring, honesty, respect and so on.   Leadership team: bring in about 30 teachers and ask them how they define success.  Also bring in classified members and also students.

  1. Articulation: How do we talk to people? Tell ppl about our district.  In process of coming up with a survey in spring.  The survey will go out to staff members, kids, community, and parents and get their feedback.
(Mrs. Sullivan update: the survey is complete and will go out in Feb)

(Question raised by JoAnn Johnson whether an outside group is brought in to evaluate how the district measures success or come up with the survey.  Answered by Mrs. Sullivan: No, the survey and measuring success spoken by Dr. Conklin are all done internally)

-Site D: moving forward with the sale of site D.  They were working with the city of DB in regards to zoning of site D.  Anticipate within the next couple of months to present it to the Board.  Then next step is to take bids for the sale of the property.  City declared the land used for 200 residential units with a park in between

-Music Mobile: Mrs. Mitchell will be leading the 3rd grade music mobile. Tue. 3/20, 8:30 and 9:30am. Training session Mon. 3/19 evening.

-Jump Rope for Heart: Thur. Feb. 9.  Jump times: 1-3: 8:25-9:45, 4-5: 10:30-11:45.  PE teachers asked CC to provide popsicles for afterwards.

-Need some volunteers to pass out the popsicles on the day of.   Pamela will send out an email to ask for volunteers, as we get closer to the date.

Treasurer’s Report: Rowena Joe

-All financial documents available for viewing in Mrs. Sullivan’s Office.

-Total income year to date: $29,454.42.

-Winter book fair: $1194.99 net cash

-total income this period: 12/4/11-01/17/12: $1440.49

-total expense this period: $1685.61, which includes copier maintenance & contract, technology staffing, field trips. 

Family Dining Out-Susan Pak

 -Some suggestions for Dining out Feb are Chuck E. Cheese, TGIF and East 180.  East 180 previously offered to do an extended fundraiser with CRCC where parents can go any day, any time and collect receipts and they will donate 10% of total sale (prior taxes and tip) to CRCC.  Pamela will look into it and find out whether they will still offer this to CRCC.  If not, then will set a date with TGIF. 

 -There will not be a Dining Out in March or April due to a big fundraiser in March and Testing in April.  Last Dining out will be in May.

Family Fun Night/Day: Pamela Jong

-We were entertaining the idea of having it on a Saturday.  Reasons being more time for set up, tear down etc.  We asked the teachers; of course, they’re so gracious to be able to offer their time in the teachers’ auctions again this year.  But some of the concerns were that if it was done in May, since its such a hectic month for everyone and with school ending at the end of May, doesn’t give much time for the auction activities.  One suggestion was to swap KOTR and FFN dates.  Another concern is that FFN is around Mothers Day Weekend, which are family weekends, might be a challenge.

(all attendees agreed to change dates of KOTR and FFN)

Other Teachers Input/Suggestions: Pamela Jong

-Some other suggestions for next year, have the carnival in the beginning of the year like a harvest night.  Parents can meet the teacher earlier on in the school year. 

(all attendees agreed to have a Harvest Night for next school year to replace Family Fun Night)

-Check A Thon: at the beginning of the school year, letting parents know how much is needed meet the CRCC budget and how much that comes out to each child.  Ask for contribution that way, and if we meet our goal, then no other fundraisers are needed. In lieu of all the fundraisers that go on throughout the year. 

(all attendees agreed on the idea of a Check A Thon which will replace Educational Fund Drive. Will continue to recognize parents who contribute more than a certain dollar amount with an apple on the Giving Tree)

-Pamela will work on a letter for next year and have it approved by Mrs. Sullivan and District since there are ACLU lawsuits in other school district about the way some schools are asking for the funds.

-With the meetings being in the day time, difficult for Teacher Liaison to attend.  But Pamela is trying very hard to keep an open communication with the teachers. 


-popsicles for Jump Rope for Heart.  Strawberry Fruit Popsicles cost about $0.25 per @ about 460 students (1st-5th).  Totaling not more than $125.

   Yes votes: 10, No votes: 0, Expenditure approved

-Educational Fund Drive prizes totaling not more than $1600 (T-shirts, Apples, Water bottles)

    Yes votes: 10, No votes: 0, Expenditure approved

-IB supplies and material for handbook updates not more than $250

    Yes votes: 10, No votes: 0, Expenditure approved

Open Floor:
-Tani Ross volunteered to coordinate See’s Candies for Easter, delivery before spring break. Order forms to go out March 2, 2012.  Orders due March 9, 2012.  Pick up on Thurs. March 29 and Fri. March 30.

-Tani Ross also volunteered to coordinate the School Wear for next school year.  The order forms will be ready at the beginning of school year for parents to order for their children and for themselves. 

-Next Meeting: Friday,  February10, 2011 @ 9:00am

-Upcoming Important Dates & Events:

   Jan. 27: IB Awards Assembly for the months of Dec. & Jan.
   Jan. 30: Meet the Masters, Van Gogh
   Feb. 9: Jump Rope for Hearts
                1st-3rd grades: 8:25-9:45 am
                4th-5th: grades: 10:30-11:45 am

Meeting Adjourned-
Next Meeting: Fri 2/10/12 at 9AM in Room 3


CRCC General Meeting

Castle Rock Community Club Room 3
Meeting called to order: 9:08 am
Meeting adjourned at: 10:15 am
Attendees: Principal Sullivan, Pamela Jong, Parvaneh Darvish, Esther Do, Mirela Golonka, Patty Leon-Encalade, Rowena Joe, Tina Arciga, Susan Mitchell, Jean Ritchie, Keija Givhan (for JoAnn Johnson), Dawn Ziroli

Correspondence: no correspondence this month

Old Business:

   -Email vote for vertical blinds for 2 windows in computer lab: majority passed

 Update IRS Status: Pamela Jong

 -Spoke with IRS Agent handling our case this pass Monday.  Made aware our case has been submitted for approval.  Need his supervisor to sign off before mailing us the Letter of Determination which was take about 2-3 weeks.
-It will be retroactive to the date of our filing postmark date, which is July 23, 2011 not back to the revocation date of November 15, 2010.  Per IRS agent, it is rare they give retroactive to date of revocation.  Excuses like change of address, unaware of needing to file, oversight are not reasons IRS grants retroactive reinstatement to date of revocation. 

Principal & Teacher Report: Mrs. Sullivan
-Principals from Shanghai got to visit the classrooms and observe IB teaching. 

Treasurer’s Report: Rowena Joe

-All financial documents available for viewing in Mrs. Sullivan’s Office.
-Provided copies of: Balance Sheet as of November 15, 2011 & Profit and Loss YTD Comparison October 13-November 15, 20011.
-Total current asset: $27,890.01
-Mixed Bags: Gross: $9480, net: $4183.61.  Top sale person, Ethan Yee, received $50 gift card to Target.
-Clothing Drive: Gross: $808.50 minus expenses (gas & U-haul renal $124.62), net $683.88
-Expenses: fieldtrips for 1st grade and 4th grade. 
                   Meet the Masters, $1075 (2nd installed payment)
                   Copier contract: $707.16 (up to date total: $ 3146.89)
                   Teacher Allocation: $229.88 (up to date total: $987.87)

Educational Fund Drive: Mirela Golonka

-Total gross up to date: $16,555.02.  Once we receive IRS non-profit Determination Letter, will submit all the company matching donations.  An estimated expense for prizes is around $2000. 

Family Dining Out-Reported by Pamela Jong

-Chick-Fil-A: Participation was great.  CRCC received $287 in percentage at 20%.  A parent donated $20 in cash to go toward this fundraiser.  Chick-Fil-A invited us to do another fundraiser with them the second half of the school year.  The cow at morning drop off and afternoon pick up was fun reminded kids and parents of the event.    
-Souplantation was fun.  We have not received a total from them as of today.
-Next Family Dining out will be Food Trucks during Holiday Caroling.

Holiday Caroling & Food Truck Festival: Tina Arciga

-Last two years we did caroling and Johnny Rocket fundraisers at the Chino Hills Shoppes.  The Shoppes is under new management and are allowing use of stage on weekends only including Fridays.  Unfortunately, none of the restaurants including Johnny Rocket & CPK does fundraisers on weekends.  Decided not to perform at the Shoppes if we can’t do a fundraiser on the same night.  Hence the idea of Caroling at school and inviting food trucks to come out.  We were offered either a flat donation or a percentage of the night’s sale.  We opted for a flat donation of $50 per truck.  We will have 4 trucks all together, 3 savories and 1 sweet (smoothies/coffees).  Event date, Thursday, December 8.  5pm-8:30pm starting with Kindergarten classes at 5pm.
-Flyers will be passed out to parents on Dec.2.  Publicity is also being made about the food trucks festival at other local schools, shopping centers, DB TV channel, the Patch…etc. 
-Even though we are not receiving a percentage, we still want to make sure this is a successful event for the food trucks.  We may like to use them again in the future for other fundraiser or events. 

Yearbook-Jean Ritchie

-We profited about $2000 from last year’s yearbook sale.  This includes the dedication ads and the actual sale of the yearbooks. 
-A detailed list of all the parents who purchased dedication ads last year.  One Outstanding unpaid ad, $75.  Many attempts were made to collect.  As of today have not received payment.  Wanted to bring it up to the attention of the Community Club.  Name of parent was release on the list, but will not be listed on the minutes for their privacy.  
-Proposed to sell presale at $25 and after pre-sale at $30 per yearbook.  Presale will start one month prior to ending of school.  Some objections to the price.  Will discuss further at a later meeting.
-Proposed to use KM Printing, same printer as the last couple of years.  No objections.
-Proposed to increase ad prices: ½ page from $75 to $80 and full page stays at $150.  Some objections raised regarding the increase of half page price.  Will discuss further at next meeting.
-Proposed to offer dedication pages to graduation 5th graders first before offering to the rest of the grades.  Some objections raised. 

Cub Scout 737: Pamela Jong

-I was recently brought to the attention that CRCC is the Charter Organization for Cub Scout 737 and has been for the past 20 or so years.  The main role of the Charter Organization is to provide a meeting place for the Cub Scouts and to oversee their activities.  Each year, the Cub Scout asks the Charter Organization whether or not to continue this relationship.  When I was made aware of the situation, I made it clear to the Committee Chair as well as their Cub Scout Master we would like to continue to be their Charter Organization since majority of the children in this troop are Castle Rock students.  I also affirm that we will do our best to start a new relationship with them.  I also mentioned that if it is not their wish to have CRCC as their Charter Organization, we will relinquish the number 737 and all assets, equipments the troop have acquired under our care using CRCC’s non-profit tax ID.  Result: they do not wish to seek recharter from CRCC for the year 2012.  I have signed to relinquish the Cub Scout 737 number and all assets and equipments they acquired under our care. 

Friday Snack: Pamela Jong

-Now the whether is cooling down, we will be selling popcorns (cheese and kettle flavors).  We did a sample sale last week and the popcorns were a hit.  Will start again in December on Fridays, except modified days.  Front and Back gates if we have enough helpers.  At kinder pick up as well. 

Allocation: No allocation

Open Floor:

-Mrs. Sullivan continues to draw a winning Fresh and Easy receipt every Friday.
-Susan Mitchell: reminded everyone to collect receipts until December 2011.
-Next Meeting: Friday, December 9, 2011 at Pamela’s House for Luncheon.  Email will be sent out.

Upcoming Important Dates & Events:

Nov. 21: Meet the Masters
Nov. 23: Modified Day
               K: 11:40 am
               1st-5th: 12:00 noon
Nov. 24 & 25: No School, Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec. 2: IB Awards Assembly
Dec.8: Holiday Caroling & Food Truck Festival
            Castle Rock MPR, 5:00pm-8:30pm
Dec.9: BookFair Set up: 8:30 am-10:00am
Dec.9: CRCC General Meeting & Luncheon, Pamela’s House 11:30am
Dec. 12-15: Winter Book Fair
Dec 14: Kindergarten Performance: 6:30 pm
Dec. 16: Modified Day
               K: 11:40 am
               1st-5th: 12:00 noon
Dec. 16: Holiday Party Day
Dec. 19:Jan 2: No School, Winter Break
Jan. 3: School Resumes



Castle Rock Community Club Room 3
Meeting called to order: 9:08 am
Meeting adjourned at: 10:30 am
Attendees: Principal Sullivan, Pamela Jong, Susan Pak, Esther Do, Patty Leon-Encalade, Susan Mitchell, Cindy Yee, Dawn Ziroli, Mirela Golonka, Judy Cambiaso, Aracely Diez, Parvaneh Darvish, Tamish Hammons, Rowena Joe, Debra Miranda.

Old Business: Pamela Jong
Email vote results:
   Smencils: $250: majority passed (price increase to $260)
   Red Ribbon Supply: $58.65: majority passed ($60 donated by Patricia Suazo)

Correspondence: No Correspondence this month

Meeting Guidelines: Pamela Jong
In order to have more productive, timely and meaningful CRCC meetings, please abide by these guidelines during meetings.

-Respect the presenter by holding all comments and questions until the end of the presentation
-No interrupting others even if you strongly disagree with their comments.
-Listen to all contributions
-Personal criticism not permitted
-No sidebar conversation, note passing, eye rolling etc.

Principal’s Report: Mrs. Sullivan
-Kindergarten had Multicultural Week with special multi-cultural presenters.
-IB Parent night: around 40 parents attended.  Great feedback from parents.
-Shanghai Principals visiting Oct 31-Nov 3.  They will be shadowing Mrs.Sullivan around campus. 
-Mix It Up Day in October –Anti-Bullying awareness.  Head by Mrs. Pianalto. Students will be asked to eat lunch with different grade levels.  Students will be prompted to have conversations with other grade level students and then later discuss them in their classes.
-Oct. 28: Storybook Parade

Treasurer’s Report: Rowena Joe
-No new development on the status of the IRS Exemption Status. Spoke with a friend who works at the IRS granting exemption status: takes at least 120 days for the case to be assigned to an agent.  It has only been 3 months since submitting the reactivation.

-FTB-sent in exemption application-rec’d by FTB on 9/30/11-takes 90 calendar days to process the request.
-Plan to file delinquent returns with IRS and FTB FYE 6/20/2007-6/30/2010 as well as FYE 6/30/2011 which is due 11/15/2011.
-Profit and Loss Statement YTD Comparison with details provided (September 16-October 12, 2011)
-Balance Sheet with details provided (As of October12, 2011)
-All financial statements, bank statements, deposit back up documents, bank reconciliations are in binder available for viewing in Mrs. Sullivan’s office. 
-All fundraising coordinators are encouraged to confirm deposits made from the fundraisers by checking the deposit slips and bank statements. 
-Income since last meeting $15,800,  YTD-$18,098
-Expenses $1162, YTD-$5398
-Bank Account balance is $24,497

Educational Fund Drive: Mirela Golonka
-Total gross amount raised to date is $14,515.  There are still a few more envelopes that needs to be counted.
-Will start to order prizes and awards

Coordinating Council Representative Report: Debra Miranda
-District Wide API score is 903: great accomplishment for District
-3 awards given to students at Chaparrel Middle School and Walnut High
-2 Teachers awarded for their literacy efforts
-WVUSD website has a link to report bullying incident anonymously.  This is for middle and high school students.  Elementary School incidents should be reported to their teachers and principal at the school site.  District has a big push for anti-bullying.
-All schools reps shares their upcoming fundraisers
-Insurance form for CRCC completed and turned in to District for all events that will be held at CR.
Fresh N Easy: Susan Mitchell
-Shopping Night was great success. Shopping night alone at 5% of all sales during hours of 4-8pm was $377. 
-Including the shopping night and all the receipts collected to date is $722.72.
-Pizza party and ice cream party will be awarded to the high participating class at the end of the fundraiser which ends 12/31/11.  Ice Cream provided by Fresh and Easy.  Pizza provided by CRCC. 
-Room parent coordinator will send out email to the room parents to make sure all parents are aware of the class pizza party incentive.
-Weekly Friday drawings will be done by Mrs. Sullivan.  Receipts will be picked at random for small prize awards.

Family Dining Out-Susan Pak
-Chick Fil A Dining out All day today.
-Chick Fil A will be donating a large tray of nuggets.  Should we donate that to the teacher/staff?
   (Discussion: majority consents to donating the nugget tray to the teacher.  Mrs. Sullivan will get a date for nugget delivery)
-Looking at Souplantation for the month of November.  Will check if they donate 20%. 
-December Caroling at the Chino Hills Shoppes.  Need to confirm date with Mrs. Sullivan.

Clothing Drive: Cindy Yee
-Despite the Saturday Street Closure on the date we scheduled the Clothing Drive, we were able to collect quite a bit of used clothing during the week.  Cindy rented a U-haul truck and along with Pamela drove truck to downtown LA for clothing delivery.  The company will need to go through all the donated clothing before cutting us a check.  Looking at November before we find out.
-Truck rental and gas expense around $100 which Cindy will submit for re
-We have a date scheduled with the company for next year which is in September 2012.
Mixed Bags Fundraiser: Cindy Yee
-Fundraising period is Oct 17-Nov.1
-Flyer and brochure going out the students today. 
-CRCC received 50% profit
-$50 Target Gift Card will be awarded to highest seller.

Emergency Kit Fundraiser: Cindy Yee
-Fundraising period is Nov.7-Nov.18.  Delivery prior to winter break.
Spirit Wear: Debra Miranda
-Sample design presented.  Not the final design.
-Order form will include T-shirt, Sweatshirt, and backpack.

Round Table Pizza Fundraiser Presentation
-Outside fundraising/marketing company presented a Round Table Pizza card we can sell for $25 and $12.50 will be kept by CRCC.  The card includes various coupons for free pizza and discounts to Round Table Pizza. No advance purchase needed by CRCC.  No minimum purchase needed.  Prizes awarded to highest sellers as incentive.
-Advised him that we will need to discuss this as a group before making a decision.

 Box Top Fundraiser: Aracely Diez
-Box Top submissions are only done twice a year. 
-Collected $330 worth of box tops so far. 
-Will advertise other ways of collecting box tops by shopping online at stores parents shop at already.  Need to register with Box Tops.
-Debra Miranda will be bringing a Box Top Banner for Aracely Diez to hang outside of school for promotion.

Allocation/Voting: None

Open Floor:
Next meeting is on a modified day.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:30am

Next Meeting Friday, November 18, 2011 at 9am Castle Rock Rm 3



Castle Rock Community Club Room 3
Meeting called to order: 9:03 am
Meeting adjourned at: 11:10 am
Attendees: Principal Sullivan, Pamela Jong, Susan Pak, Andrea Krantz, Aracely Diez, Cindy Yee, Dawn Ziroli, Patricia Suazo, Mirela Golonka, Tina Arciga, Patty Escalade, Joanne Johnson, Parvaneh Darvish, Esther Do, Sharon Chang, Tani Ross, Susan Mitchell, Arcy Seif.

Welcome/Housekeeping: Pamela Jong
-Introduction of attendees.
-Folders for all positions in nurse’s office on top shelf of cabinet in school office. 
-All letters going out to parents needs to approved by Principal unless previously approved in past years.
-Please do not enter office back area without permission.
-Secretary position open.

-Thank you card from Mrs. Roddy (3rd grade) for welcome back luncheon for the teachers.  Also for all the hours and dedication put into the bookfair and the $25 voucher for the bookfair. 
-Thank you card from Mrs. Brown (2nd grade) for all the hard work CRCC does.  Thank you for luncheon provided.  Thank you for book fair.  Wanted to let CRCC volunteers know she really appreciate the support provided for the children in loving to read. 

Treasurer’s Report: Rowena Joe
-Profit and Loss Statement with details provided (July 1-September 15, 2011)
-Balance Sheet with details provided (As of September 15, 2011)
-CRCC lost its non-profit exemption status effective 11/15/2010 due to failure to file returns for 3 consecutive years. 
   a. need to apply for reinstatement with both IRS and FRB. $850 fee to IRS and $25 to FTB.  IRS application is being processed by IRS.  FTB application is being worked on by Pamela and Rowena.
  b. If not approved, all receipts, net of expenses, received from Nov. 15, 2010 will be subject to federal and income taxes.
-Fall book fair 8/29-9/2, sales total $8775, CRCC received 25%=$2193.80. Income statement shows only cash and checks received; credit card sales went directly to Scholastics.
-CRCC income year-to-date $2297.67, not included is last week’s popsicle sale ($42) and Chili’s dining out.  Expenses YTD $4385. Net loss YTD $2087.
-Bank account balance is $9694.
-All financial statements will be made available in a binder in Mrs. Sullivan’s office-avail in next month or so.
-Improve internal control-new cash count sheet-must be signed by counter then counter keeps yellow copy for record.  Treasurer will count and sign white copy. 
-New Transaction Request Form for reimbursement, check advances.  Available in Treasurer’s folder labeled Transaction Request Form.

Principal’s Report: Mrs. Sullivan
-Enrollment as of today is 523. 
-Increase API score to 933. An 8 points increase from last year.
-Thank you for all the volunteers, great to see so much parent involvement.
-Teacher’s Liaison: since meetings are now during school hours, teachers will give any communications through Mrs. Sullivan and vise versa.

Coordinating Council: Debra Miranda
-Debra was late to meeting, skipped to the end. Ran out of time, will report at next meeting.

Parent Workshop-Andrea Krantz
-Parent Workshop is scheduled for 9/28 at around 10 or 10:15am after the Room Parent Meeting.  Parents will be taught how to use the copy machines, laminating machines and procedures in the workroom.

Room Parent Meeting-Parvaneh Darvish
-Room parent meeting scheduled for 9/28 at 9am in the music room.  Will go over responsibilities of room parents and rules for classroom parties.

Yearbook: Jean Ritchie: reported by Andrea Krantz
-yearbook sale last year was great success.  Plan to sell dedication ads earlier for this school year.  They will be priced at $75 for half page and $150 for full page.

Upcoming & Current Fundraisers: 

-          Educational Fund Drive: Mirela Golonka

-Flyers went out to parents.  In addition to the prizes for $ donations, class participation will be rewards.  Highest class participation will receive a popsicle party.  Highest donation per capita will receive a pizza party.  Most red/gold apples will receive a silly string party.  All red/gold apple donations will receive a silly string party with the principal.  This is to encourage parent donation.  This additional flyer will go out to parents.

-Question/answer session followed: result: due to the increase of expenses and inflation of bus rides, $ amount of  “apples donation” were increased from $300 to $350 and $500 to $550.  

-Educational Fund Drive Forms will be translated into Spanish and Chinese by Patty Escalade and Sharon Chang respectively.  Translation of forms/letter by parent volunteers approved by Mrs. Sullivan as long as original form/letter was approved by Mrs. Sullivan. 

-          Clothing Drive: Cindy Yee

-Gently used clothing drive on Saturday, 9/24.  Drop off site at Castle Rock Staff parking lot.  Collection boxes will be placed on campus 9/26-9/28 as well.  Will take clothing, shoes, handbags, blankets, backpack.  Flyer went out to families.  Depending on how much is collected, will either ask for volunteers to drop off the bags of clothes to the drop off site in Baldwin Hills or borrow a truck or U-haul rental.

-          Emergency Kit: Company Rep-TRI

-emergency kits are packed after we place the order.  Min sale of $500. No delivery fee.  Sample items are hand cranked flashlights/radio, food/water packs. 

-          Fresh and Easy-Susan Mitchell

-Monday, Oct 3 from 4-8pm is Castle Rock’s shopping night.  Need 5 adult volunteers present at all times to help bag groceries, help serve samples.  They will donate a percentage of everything sold that night to Castle Rock.  Also, from now until Dec 31, for every $20 spent, $1 will be donated to Castle Rock.  Need to save receipts.  Can be from any Fresh and Easy.  Flyer will be sent home to parents.

-          Spirit Wear: Debra Miranda

-Simple “Castle Rock” tshirt and sweatshirts will be made available for purchase.  Will have design ready in a week and samples of T-shirts and Hooded sweatshirts made for display.  Order forms will be made for parents to purchase along with donated backpacks.  We will only order what is purchased by parents so there won’t be any left over shirts.  There will be a time cut off for these orders.. 

Ongoing Fundraisers:

-          Family Dining Out: Susan Pak

-CPK in August made around $110, checks will be picked up by Pamela this weekend. 

            -Chili’s Dining Out made $817 (this includes tips a teacher)

-October dining out, will try for Chick-Fil-A on the same night as Fresh and Easy, Monday, Oct 3.  Will call to see if date is available.
          * Post meeting notes: Monday, Oct 3 was not available with Dining Out at Chick-Fil-A.  Next available date is Friday, Oct 16.  Will get approval date from Mrs. Sullivan.

-          Toner Cartridge: Alicia Silva: reported by Pamela Jong

-Alicia was last year’s fundraiser for toner cartridges, we are looking for a new person to take over this project.  We were not getting a lot of money from the company that we shipped the cartridge to.  Will look into either Staple who gives store credit or other places.  Sharon Chang will look into a company in Irvine and report detail.

-          Box Top: Aracely Diez

-Currently working with last year’s Box top coordinator to transfer all necessary doc.  Already sent out a new blank box top form out to students.  Will continue to reward full page filled with a smencil.
-Will need to order more smencils.

-          Website: Esther Do

-CRCC Website Post Request form made available.  Please follow guideline for better communication.

-Emergency Kit as fundraiser
-Andrea Krantz made a motion to approve the emergency kit fundraiser.  Parvaneh Darvish second the motion.  The Emergency Kit Fundraiser was unanimously approved.
-Secretary Position: no need to have prior coordinator experience
-Pamela Jong made a motion to approve the secretary position with no need to have prior coordinator experience as stated in the CRCC By-laws.  Andrea Krantz second the motion.  This was unanimously approved.
-Donation of $100 to Music Team for 4/5 grade district wide
- Susan Mitchell made a motion to approve the donation of $100 to Music Team.  Pamela Jong second the motion.  Donation of $100 to Music Team for 4/5 grade to contact person, Judy Brunelle unanimously approved.

Open Floor: no other comment

Meeting Adjourned at 11:10am

Next Meeting Friday, October 14, 2011 at 9am Castle Rock Rm 3