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The Community Club is YOUR VOICE at Castle Rock Elementary. Any parent or family member of a Castle Rock student is strongly encouraged to join. Community Club works along side our fine teachers and staff to raise much needed funds, as well as assist with various school activities.

Funds raised by the Community Club’s Educational Fund Drive, Fall Fundraiser, Knights on the Run (jog-a-thon) have provided computers, field trip entrance fees and buses, assemblies, lunch area and playground equipment, Meet the Masters art program, emergency preparedness supplies, and cash allocations for school materials/supplies for our teachers, librarian, and resource specialists.

Community Club cannot exist without donations and volunteers! There are countless opportunities for parents who wish to help, many of which require only a limited commitment of time. If you would like to become involved, please attend one of our meetings. They are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Music Room at Castle Rock. Everyone is welcome!

Please join and support your Community Club and help us give our children the best educational experience possible!

2010-2011 CRCC Meeting Minutes

2010-2011 CRCC Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
CRCC General Meeting
Castle Rock Elementary School Music Room
Meeting called to order: 7:08  pm
Meeting adjourned at: 8:25 pm
Attendees: Jackie Brown, Paula Emanuele, Lisa May, Pamela Jong, Susan Mitchell, Leanne Knight, Alicia Silva, Tina Arciaga, Mirela Golonka, Parvaneh Darvish, Esther Do

Thank you card from Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Boots: for CRCC for Teachers Appreciation week & luncheon, Book Fair Gift Certificate.

Thank you card from Mrs. Roddy: for parents & CRCC for all the club does ie. Boofair, KOTR, FFN, classroom help, Teachers Appreciation Week.

Thank you card from Mrs. Vera: for all CRCC does for school.

Treasures Report-Lisa May
(Please refer to attached treasures report dated May 2011)

-Income this month :
Spring Fundraiser (Family Fun Night): $13,757
Family Dining Out: $1050.66
Knight on the Run: $10,097.70
Educational Fund Drive:$ $287.00 (company matching)
Mics Fundraisers: $6,608.58 (See’s Candies, Box Tops, E-Waste)

-Allocation this month:
$800.41: 4th & 5th grade Planners
$3638.00: Field Trips: 2nd grade to rock museum & 1st grade to zoo

Teacher Liaison Report-no report this month

Principal Report-Mrs. Brown

-Chili’s Dining Out: about $300 in donations from Chili’s and about $600 from tips to Teachers.  For next school year, ideal to have Chili’s events in the months of September and May.  This will be a good way to start the school year and end the school year.

-Enrollment for Kinder is at about 60 students.  Exiting 5th graders at 105 students.

-As of now, no teachers are getting laid off for next school year.  May be some movements of teachers within the District depending on the school enrollment and class size. 

-Thank you for Teachers Appreciation Week and Luncheon.  The food was enjoyed for many days. 

-5th Grade Exhibition on 5/26 in the MPR.  This is where the 5th graders will present their projects.  Each group will have about 10 minutes to present.  Lunch that day will be grab and go in the amphitheater to avoid interruption of the 5th Grade Exhibition.

-Friday, 5/20: School Wide Picnic to celebrate a successful Testing.  Students can bring blankets to sit on the grass to enjoy their home or school bough lunches.  South Pointe Choir will be performing at the picnic.  Students with grass allergies may sit at the lunch table with Noon Aide.

Schedule: Kinder: 11:10-12:10
1st, 2ne, 3rd: 11:30-12:30
4th, 5th: 11:50-12:50

Upcoming dates to remember:
5/18: 4th grade Gold Rush
5/19: Chaparral Middle School Visit with Mrs. Brown: for the students attending Chaparral next year 
5/19: 6:30 pm: CJ Morris 5th Grade Exhibition
5/20: School Wide Picnic
5/21: Kinder Donuts for Dads
5/26: 5th Grade Exhibition, Pizza Party for 5th graders
5/30: Holiday
5/31: Teachers vs. 5th grade softball game at 8:30 am, 3 innings
6/1: 5th Grade Picnic
6/1: Awards Assembly
       K: 9am
       1st & 2nd: 1:30 pm
6/2: Awards Assembly
       3rd & 4th: 8:45 am
       5th: 10:15 am
6/2: Minimum Day, Last Day of School, 5th Grade Walk, Report Card handed out

-2011-2012 School Year:
  First Day of School 8/22, last day of school 5/31
  Possibly 2 Furlough Days, dates not determined

Knight on the Run-Leanne
-Gross: $16,168, net around: $12,500-$13,000
-Mrs.Yee’s class with most dollar amount donated per capita
-Mrs. Para’s class with most kids participation
-both classes will receive extra prizes

Yearbook-Jean, reported by Paula
-150 presale ordered as of today.  Need 300 sold to break even.
-2 more Ad spaces available for purchase.
-Winners of yearbook cover contest.  Total of 4 winners to be put on front, back and insides of the covers.  All drawings will be posted to view.

Family Fun Night-Pamela
-Gross as of today is $13,757, still a few more checks to collect.  Expenses as of today is $649.64, expected to keep it at around $1000.
-Great turn out to the event.

5th-Grade Picnic: Susan Mitchell
Theme is Hawaiian. 

Nomination Committee-Debra reported by Paula
-All nominees will be posted on the website.  So far there are no competing nominations.  If anyone is interested in running for either a Board position or a coordinator position, please contact Paula.

Chairperson Report-none
-box top: would like to purchase Color Spencils.  This will be decided by next year’s board.


Open Floor
-Thank you to Paula Emanuele for her service as out President for the last 2 years and for her many many contribution to the school.  We will miss her!

-meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
CRCC General Meeting
Castle Rock Elementary School Music Room
Meeting called to order: 7:15 pm
Meeting adjourned at: 8:28 pm
Attendees: Jackie Brown, Nicole Rodgers, Paula Emanuele, Debra Miranda, Lisa May, Pamela Jong, Susan Mitchell, Leanne Knight

No correspondence this month.

Treasures Report-Lisa May
(Please refer to attached treasures report dated April 2011-to be posted)

-Spring Book Fair net: $1,383.17 (not reflected on report)

-usage of MPR is believed to have increased sale, larger and more comfortable space for shoppers

-KOTR (line 85): up to date income: $6047.75

-Ed Fund Drive (line 90): $850 additional donation due to company matching from parent’s employer.

-CC Donation (line 25): $25 United Way donation.

-Edu. Enhancements: PYP(line40): $502.03: Mrs. Vera purchases for IB PYP.

-Field Trips (line 65): income of $213 was for 1st grade field trip to Amy’s Farm, $2,555.39 represents payments for 5th grade Riley’s Farm and 3rd grade Planetarium admissions and transportations for 3rd grade Planetarium and 1st grade Amy’s Farm.

-Teacher Allocations (line 500): $242.57 for 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Brown.

-Treasure is holding off on some payments to District until more income is generated.

Teacher Liaison Report-Mrs. Rodgers

-Running Club Meet was a success, all the members did well.  Thank you to Paula Emanuele for hard work organizing Running Club and the Meet.

-5th graders raised $1,769 for Lacor Hospital in Uganda.  Will be sending a check for this amount along with a letter to the Lacor Hospital.  5th graders did a wonderful job organizing the fundraiser.

-Computer Lab is up and running with new computers.  Ipads are up and running as well.

Principal Report-Mrs. Brown

-Kinder enrollment for next school year is currently at 45 students.

-We have low enrollments in 3rd and 4th grades for next school year.  CR will most likely be an over flow school for these two grades.

-Will try to avoid combo class next school year but that all depends on enrollment.

-Friday, April 15 is Pajama Day.  Children are encouraged to get good night sleeps in preparation for State Testing.

-State Testing: 2nd-5th graders will participate in the State Testing.  Testing is held the last 2 weeks of April on Tue. Wed. and Thurs of each week.  4th graders will only test on Tues. & Weds of each week.

-Thanks to Paula Emanuele and Mrs. Rodgers for leading the Running Club. 

-Computers are up and running except for a few glitches which are being addressed.

-E-Waste collection: 4/16 & 4/17.  Still need help for Saturday, 16th moving electronic items.

Knight on the Run-Leanne

-More envelopes have been received but has not been opened.  Next money counting is scheduled for Friday, 4/22.  Leanne has enough volunteers for this day.  Leanne will be seeking assistance for the pizza party scheduled for 5/13.

Family Fun Night-Pamela

-Planning is on track and going forward.  Magic shows free with entrance.  Many game booths, snack booths.  Next meeting, Friday, 4/15 at 1pm.

See’s Candy Spring Fundraisers-Paula

-Monies for See’s Candy has been collected.  Orders will be ready for pick up on Thursday, 4/21 before school from 8-8:30 am and after school from 2:30-3 pm.
Dining Out March-reported by Paula

-Next Dining Out is scheduled for May 21 at Chili’s.

Chairperson Report

-Yearbook Ad Space offered to 5th graders.

-Cutoff date for any pictures and submission into the yearbook is 4/30.

-Yearbook presale for $25 per book and $28 after 5/20. 

-Popsicle sale begins this Friday, 4/15 until end of school year.

-Teddy Bear Tea: Debra Miranda and daughters have been busy making Teddy Bear basket for auction for the Teddy Bear Tea.  Walnut Valley Foundation fundraises for various programs throughout the district holds Teddy Bear Tea annually.  Each school is asked to participate by making a basket to be auctioned off for donation.  Tickets are also sold to the event. 


-Meet the Masters contract for next school year, $3,255.09
  Yay votes: 5
  Nay votes: 0
Motion passed

-2 Teddy Bear Tea Admissions for Debra Miranda and daughter at $39 each totaling $78
    Yay votes: 5
    Nay votes: 0
Motion passed

Open Floor

-no additional comments

-meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
CRCC General Meeting
Castle Rock Elementary School Music Room
Meeting called to order: 7:12 pm
Meeting adjourned at: 9:20pm
Attendees: Jackie Brown, Paula Emanuele, Debra Miranda, Lisa May, Pamela Jong, Grace Hu, Linda Chu, Anju Jain, Katie Portorff, Mirela Golonka, Susan Mitchell, Esther Do, Jean Ritchie, Andrea Krantz

No correspondence this month.

Treasures Report-Lisa May
(Please refer to attached treasures report dated March 2011)
-Family Dining Out from Mr.G, Cherry on Top and Tea Rush totaled $179.21
-Knight on the Run t-shirt sale: $ 185.50, expenses: $1729.61
-Misc Fundraisers: toner collection: $18.35
-Ed Fund Drive: expense of $3280.28 for current period
-Copiers: expense of $1672 going back to Oct 2010

Teacher Liaison Report/Principal Report-Mrs. Brown

-Thanks to all parents for their positive feedback of our school to the community.  Mrs. Brown received a lot of visitors for new parent tours of the school.  Many visitors mentioned checking out the school website prior to visiting.  Many also mentioned hearing great things about our school prior to visiting.

-The District 5K run was very successful.  Mrs. Brown and CJ were at our school which was Mile Marker 2 cheering on for the runners. 

-The school website has been current with upcoming dates and events.

-5th grade Fundraiser for Lacor Hospital in Uganda raised about: $1000 (car wash) and $600 (yard sale).  Cash will be deposited to CRCC and in return CRCC will write a check to Lacor Hospital.  This event was entirely run by the students with guidance from the teachers. 

-New Technology:  thru “World of Problems” and EL money from the District.  We received 36 ipads and 2 carts. $200 worth of apps funded by CRCC, which will be put on all the ipads.  So far, only about $65 was used to purchase 77 apps (some were free).  This is for K-6th graders to use.  They come on carts of 20 ipads and must be checked out all together by class. 

-We will also be receiving 36 new PC’s for the computer lab thru EL fund thru the District.  If the PC’s arrive by spring break, they will be installed. If not, they will be installed in June to minimize interruption for the 5th graders researching for the 5th grade exhibition. The old 35 computers currently in the computer lab will be determined on how to be allocated in the classrooms.

-Finance Corp is a private district-funding source.  They fund all the Elementary school websites in our District.  They also fund some cash that pays for math practice books not paid for by the budget.

-Also received money to purchase Netbooks, instead, Castle Rock opts to receive 10 ipad2 instead.  These are for teacher instruction only.  Teachers will need to check them out.  They will be used as teaching tools. 

-Additional work for preparation for State Testing.  2nd-5th graders will participate in the State Testing.  Testing is held the last 2 weeks of April on Tue. Wed. and Thurs of each week.


-One major concern with the yearbook was that in the last couple of years, the Community Club ends up paying for a lot more than we budgeted for the yearbooks.  In order to cut that cost down for the Community Club, quotes from other vendors were received for comparison.  Due to the fast approaching deadline required from the other vendors, KM Printing will be used again as our yearbook printer.  Will raise the price of each yearbook to  $25 to cover the cost.  Will also revisit the issue of using other vendors at the beginning of the next school year.

-Motion to use KM Printing this year school year and to accept all 5th grade ads to be in the yearbook if check and artwork are submitted by the deadline:
       Yay: majority
       Nay: 0      
Motion passed

-Motion to charge $25 per yearbook with no presale price:
         Yay: majority
         Nay: 1
Motion passed

-Checks for yearbook will be accepted 3 weeks prior to last day of school.  Only cash will be accepted after deadline.

Knight on the Run-Leanne

-pre-ordered t-shirts are in for the adults

-event date is March 18

-Leanne will send out email requesting help with counting money which are scheduled for Wed. 3/30 and Fri. 4/22 both at 11 am.

-Fri. 5/13 will be the KOTR pizza party for kids who raised enough for the pizza party.  11am-1pm.  Volunteers needed.

Family Fun Night-Pamela

-Friday, May 6, 2011 5-8pm

-theme: @ the CARNIVAL

-asking each classroom parent to help organize a booth for their class in order to have many game booths for the kids to enjoy.

-food vendor: Mr. G and Tea Rush

-Live auction, teachers auction will be silent, also product silent auction, raffle baskets

-Looking into a magic show

-Also looking into whether insurance will cover for an inflatable slide

-Entrance fee will be $5 presale and $7 at the door.

-Next planning meeting is on Friday, March 26 at 1pm

Sees Candy Spring Fundraisers-Paula

-money will be due April 1

-distribute orders right before Easter

Dining Out March

-Thur. 3/24
-Shabu Shabu, flyers and info will be posted

2011-2012 CRCC Board

-continue to seek for nominees to complete the Board and Coordinator positions for next school year. Please contact Paula Emanuele if interested in this rewarding opportunity to serve our school

Chairperson Report


Open Floor

-Castle Rock Embroidered backpacks will be on sale for $20.  Pamela will be making order form flyers and posting photos on the website.

-Castle Rock Caps available for Board members and coordinators for $10 each.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
CRCC General Meeting
Castle Rock Elementary School Music Room
Meeting called to order: 7:05 pm
Meeting adjourned at: 8:40 pm
Attendees: Jackie Brown, Nicole Rodgers, Paula Emanuele, Leanne Knights, Dawn Ziroli, Lisa May, Debra Miranda, Pamela Jong

No correspondence this month

Treasures Report: Lisa May
Please refer to Treasurer’s Report-Jan 2011

-Family Dining Out income of $1206.02 includes Chili’s and Souplantation.

-Misc Fundraisers income of $10,353.68 includes winter bookfair and boxtops.

-CC donations income of $112.50 United Way contribution by parents. Expense $666.72 was returned back to parent who donated to our school inadvertently. 

-Edu. Enhancements: PYP expense of $645.89 was to purchase microscope of PYP. 

-See’s Candies profit totaled $1624

-Winter book fair profit: $982.71

-Box Top income: $667.84

Teacher Liaison Report: Mrs. Rodgers

-Johnny Rocket and Holiday Caroling at the Chino Hills Shoppes was a success.  Kids had fun.

-Mr.Thayer would like to build a backdrop for filming 5th grade exhibition.  Asking parents for donations for materials for the backdrop.  Materials needed are some kind of cloth for the backdrop (i.e. 8 ft by 8 ft canvas), paint and boards for the frame.  Details will be obtained on the exact measurements and materials.  Possibly posting request on the CRCC website for donations.  Mr. Thayer will volunteer his services building the backdrop.

-5th graders are planning on hosting a car wash fundraiser to raise money for the Lacor in Uganda on Feb. 12.  5th graders heard of the needs of the kids at this hospital and initiated and organized the fundraiser.  They are waiting on approval from the District Office.  If approved by District, the car wash will be on Castle Rock campus.  Flyers and announcements will follow.

Principal Report: Mrs. Brown

-Kids were very excited to return to school after winter break

-Previously scheduled furlough days have been reinstated.  Flyers with this update have been sent home with the kids.  An Ed-Connect phone message was also sent by CJ.  The staff Development Day is also now an instructional day. 

-Registration for sibling begins 1/24/11.  New student enrollment starts 1/31/11.

-Mrs. Brown will start her Wednesday campus tour again for new/prospective students.

-Chess Master starting Thursday, 1/27/11 after school.  Flyers sent home

-WVUSD welcomes new Superintendent Dr. Dean Conklin.  Please read more on WVUSD website. www.wvusd.k12.ca.us/apps/news/show_news.jsp?REC_ID=167301&id=0

-Congratulations to Marisa Umeh for winning the Castle Rock Spelling Bee this year.  She will represent Castle Rock Elementary at Mt. SAC for the Spelling Bee.  Good luck to Marisa. 

-Johns Hopkins will be hosting an informative talk on Feb. 3, 2011 at 6:30 pm for kids who are interested in taking a summer course.  Details will follow.

-Jan 28: 2nd trimester report goes home.
Educational Fund Drive: Debra Miranda

-Engraved apples, sweatshirt, caps are ready to be distributed.  The prizes will go out to families by next week.

Family Dining Out: Megan (reported by Paula)

-Next Family Dining Out will be on Jan 20, 2011 at Cherry on Top, Mr. G’s Pizza and Tea Rush from opening to closing.

-Looking at California Pizza Kitchen in Chino Hills on Feb. 17.

-Upcoming dates are: March 24, and May 12

Book Fair: Rowena Joe (reported by Paula)
-Net winter book fair: $982.71

-Spring book fair will be the week of March 28 which is the week before spring break.

Knights On The Run-Leanne Knights

-Knights on the Run will be on March 18.  Same theme as last year, “Ask Six”.  Wristbands will be purchased and given out to students to remind them to ask six people to sponsor them.  Prize breakdown will be as follows:
$25 + : mystery bag
$45 + : mystery bag, t-shirt
$65 + : mystery bag, t-shirt, party
$105 + : mystery bag, t-shirt, party, sweatshirt
$400 +: mystery bag, t-shirt, party, sweatshirt and theme park tickets

Nomination Committee: Paula

-Paula Emanuele, Debra Miranda and Dawn Ziroli are on the committee.  The nominees for next year’s Board members and coordinators will be announced by March.

Fundraisers: Paula

-See’s Candies: will have another See’s Candies fundraiser around spring

-Fresh & Easy: $385 was made on the night of the shopping event.  We are waiting on the daily receipts to be added.  We will be receiving everything in one check in May.  We plan to continue with Fresh & Easy for next school year.

-Emergency Kits: company offers to sell emergency kits and in return for a percentage donated to school.  We will pass on this.

-Ink cartridges: Alicia Silva has placed multiple boxes around campus for old ink cartridges to be collected for cash. 

-Backpacks: Alicia Silva getting quotes on silk-screening the backpack for sale.  A parent donated these backpacks to us.

No other reports, allocations or comments. 
Meeting adjourned
Tuesday, November 2, 2010
CRCC General Meeting
Castle Rock Elementary School Music Room
Meeting called to order: 7:05 pm
Meeting adjourned at: 9:00 pm
Attendees: Jackie Brown, Nicole Rodgers, Mirela Golonka, Alicia Silva, Paula Emanuele, Lisa May, Susan Mitchell, Leanne Knight, Esther Do, Cindy Yee, Crystal Bernal, Pamela Jong


Card from Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Boots: The classroom games are very much appreciated.  They came in very handy during the week of rain we had.  Thanks to CRCC for the continuous support of teachers.

Treasurers Report: Lisa May

-Popsicle sale: year to date gross: $654.28
-Dining out Souplantation: $307.02
-Current savings account balance: $5454
-Educational Fund Drive year to date: $18,718.67 (which includes some expenditures but not all)
-Expected copier contract for school year: $6000
-Please refer to Nov. Treasurers Report

Teacher Liaison Report: Mrs. Rodgers

-Teachers excited about the indoor games.  Came in very handy during the raining days.
-Teachers are working on report cards and setting up parent teacher conferences.
-About 6-10 teachers will participate at the Chili’s Fundraiser serving drinks for tips.
-Thanks to Anju Jain for making bookbags for all 4th grader classes.

Principal Report: Mrs. Brown

-Thank you to all the parents who come in helping teachers with making copies and material preparation. 
-Gayle Yonezawa will be holding a holiday boutique on campus Thursday, Nov.4 from 8:30am-3:00pm selling hand-painted glassware. 

-Flyers will be going home with all the minimum days and days off from school along with upcoming events in November.
   Nov. 10 (Wed)    No school (child care available at Castle Rock &
                               Collegewood for $30 per day per child)
   Nov. 11 (Thur)    No school
   Nov. 12  (Fri)      No school
   Nov. 16 (Tue)      Minimum Day (Noon pick up for 1st-5th, 11:30 pickup  
                               for Kinder)
   Nov. 17 (Wed)   Minimum Day
   Nov. 19  (Fri)      Minimum Day
   Nov. 24 (Wed)     No School
   Nov. 25  (Thur)    No School
   Nov. 26 (Fri)        No School

-Canned Food Drive Nov.8th-19th

-Kindergarten report cards to home on Nov. 19th

Educational Fund Drive: Debra Miranda
(Debra not at meeting, reported by Paula)

-Debra is still shopping for best prices for the rewards.  Maybe getting the hooded sweatshirts instead of the zipped up ones due to cost.

-Will need volunteers to put together the reward and passing them out to students.  Email will be sent out asking for volunteers.

-Winning classes: 1st: Mrs. Howard
                          2nd: Mrs. Wilson-Fairbanks
                           3rd: Mrs. Paras

Family Dining Out: Megan
(Megan not at meeting, reported by Paula)

-Souplantation was great success, many families came out to support school.  Received $307.02 from Souplantation which was 20% of total sale.

-Next Dining Out will be at Chili’s in Diamond bar.  Nov 18th from 11am until closing. 

-Johnny Rockets: Dec. 2nd. 

-Working on securing at date for Jan’s California Pizza Kitchen.

Book Fair: Paula

-Winter book fair: Dec. 13th-16th.  This will be a full book fair and we will be getting cash for a percentage of the sale instead of book credit.  Winter Book Fair will also be open during Kindergarten Performance on Dec 15th.


See’s Candies: Paula
     -Waiting for flyers to be sent to us from See’s Candies.  Flyers will go out to families. 
     -Possibly having a table set up outside school and taking orders.

E-Waste: Cindy
     -Company will send boxes on Friday and collect the boxes on Monday.  Company will provide flyers for us.  They take monitors, wires, copiers, fax machines, printer etc.  Possible date between March and May. 

Ink Cartridges: Alicia
      -Company to collect and pay for ink cartridges.  We collect from parents and they pay for boxes and shipping.  Set price list of brands of cartridges.  Company paying the most is Advantage Cartridge.

Backpacks: Alicia
       -Silk screening might be difficult on backpacks.  Company will determine whether its possible to silk screen on the donated backpacks.  If its possible to do, will charge $2.50 per backpack plus a $30 set up fee.  If they can not be silk screened, we’re looking at getting them embroidered.  Cost will be $4.40 per backpack @ 108 backpacks.

Goodwill: Paula
        -Looking at possible date in Spring.  Will find out what dates are available from Goodwill.

Fresh & Easy: Cindy
         -Save all receipts over $20 from Fresh & Easy.  School will receive $1 for every $20 spent there.  Fundraiser ends Dec. 31.
         -Dec 1: shopping at Fresh & Easy.  School will receive 20% of all sales that day.

Coordinating Council: Crystal Bernal

-Last School board meeting was on Oct. 13. Next meeting Nov. 3.

-Rowland School District filed sue again Walnut Unified School District for $100,000 in attorney fees.  Attorney fees as a result of the District of Choice suit. 

-All outside contractors and vendors must go through school principal and then district 7-10 days prior to event.  For bounce-houses, the district must be name as the insured. 

-District of choice students makes up 22% of enrolled students through the district.

-Currently accepting District of Choice application.

-Children of employees of Walnut Valley Unified School District are allowed to enroll in the district.

-Site D: projected sale amt is $15-20 million.

-Search for new superintendent is still active.  The Board is not seeking professional outside search to cut cost, but is actively seeking for replacement.

-Schools shared ideas for successful fundraiser.  Ie. Camp out, Facebook  page.

Open Floor  

-         5th grade picnic meetings will start in Janauary. 

-         No CRCC meeting in December.  Paula will hold luncheon at her house on Dec 14 at 11:30am. 

-Meeting Adjourned-
Music Room
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
CRCC General Meeting
Castle Rock Elementary School Music Room
Meeting called to order: 7:05 pm
Meeting adjourned at: 8:53 pm
Attendees: Mrs. Jackie Brown, Mrs. Nicole Rodgers, Mirela Golonka, Grace Hu, Alicia Silva, Susan Mitchell, Paula Emanuele, Debra Miranda, Micah Eubanks, Cindy Yee, Crystal Bernal, Pamela Jong

Correspondence: No correspondence this month.

Treasures Report: treasure did not attend meeting, reported by Paula Emanuele
-         Projected forecast for Family Dining Out is $3500
-         Increased forecast for Knight On The Run to $15,000 and Educational Fund Drive to $17,000
-         Popsicle Sales income from the last 3 weeks grossed $490.58.  Last day for Popsicle Friday will be October 22, 2010.  Will start Popsicle Friday again next March or April depending on the weather.
-         Under Misc Fundraisers will be Jamba Juice program and other smaller fundraisers which is forecasted at $7000
-         Total forecasted income for this fiscal year is $63,000, which is a very realistic figure. 
-         Total forecasted expenses for the fiscal year is $76,750.
-         Income of $11,160.44 listed under Administration is funds from a savings account to cover last fiscal year expenses. 
-         CC Donations income includes United Way contributions, Box top.  CC Donations expenses includes WVUSD events i.e. Teddy Bear Luncheon, donations to the district wide music program
-         As of today, CRCC is completely current on paying all the outstanding invoices. 
-         Current balance to date is $10,634.38.
-         To be able to fund all the forecasted expenses, CRCC need to either have more fundraisers to increase income or cut expenses like yearbook.  The yearbook expense for this fiscal year is forecasted at $2000. 

Teacher Liaison Report: Mrs. Nicole Rodgers
-         Teacher gives big thanks for the indoor games; they will come in really handy during the rainy days.
-         All classes are either finishing IB 1st unit or already finished 1st unit and starting 2nd unit.

Principal Report: Mrs. Jackie Brown
-         Thank you to CRCC and parents for the everyday assistance and continuous support to our school.
-         Thank you for the tricycles in Kindergarten. 
-         Site D workshop sponsored by WVUSD Oct 16, 2010 from 8:30am-12:30 pm.  Looking for people for and oppose the Site D.   Workshop will meet at Castle Rock Elementary School and a bus will take attendees to tour the site.  All are welcome, please visit website for more detail and workshop info.


      -District has provided emergency supply like water, shovel etc for our  
      - In regards to the emergency Red Bags in each of the classrooms.   
        Teachers will be going thru them and see what items needs to be filled 
        to make sure they are complete. 
  -Will need to get 25 rolls of masking tape for each of the Red Bags in
    the classroom.  In case or emergency, Search & Rescue teams use the
    masking tapes for labeling.
-         Great job to Running Club and good luck at the meet.
-         Looking into a general Castle Rock T-shirts and sweatshirts with a new logo combing Castle Rock, IB-PYP & California Distinguished.  Will make these available for purchase school-wide.
-         We have not heard anymore talk on closing Castle Rock.  Enrollment is up within the district.  Also looking at the $2.8 million Obama Education Funds. 
-         Enrollment at Castle Rock was between 497-500, This year is at 514.
-         Red Ribbon Week is Oct. 25- Oct 29.
-         Annual 2nd grade Business Day is on Thur. Oct 28.
-         Storybook Parade Friday, Oct 29 at 8:30 am.  Set up will be same as last year.
-         Mad Science after school Thursday starting Oct. 21.
-         All the upcoming events are posted on the school website.
-         There are many minimum days and off days in November.  Castle Rock and Collegewood will be offering childcare on Oct 10th and Oct 24th for those parents who need them.  The cost is $30 per day per child. 
-         Student Council election is Friday, Oct 15th.  The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will listen to the speeches given by the candidates.  Only 4th and 5th graders will vote.  The votes will be tallied in the school office and winners will be announced at the end of day Friday. 

Educational Fund Drive: Debra Miranda
-         As of today, collected $16,300 and more are coming in.
-         The race between the classes is very exciting for the children.  Leading the race is Mrs. Wilson-Fairbanks’s class, then Mrs. Howard and in 3rd is Mrs. Johnston’s class. 
-         As of today, there will be 7 Gold apples and 12 Red Apples given out. 
-         The Educational Fund Drive ends this week. 
-         The prized awarded are children size caps with Castle Rock written on them and zip up sweatshirts.  Quotes of these are still being collected by Debra.
-         Thinking about getting a banner for Educational Fund Drive to use for this annual event.  Will get quotes.  Maybe we can get another banner for Family Fun Night and receive a better deal.

Castle Rock Dining Out: Coordinator, Megan Kim did not attend meeting, Paula Emanuele reported
-         Our first dining out will be at Souplantation in Brea on Oct 21 from 5pm-8pm
-         Flyers will be distributed to students.  Need to bring flyer and show cashier to receive 20% credit to school. 
-         Nov 18 will be at Chili’s in Diamond Bar.  Any time between11am-closing.  Possibly having teachers help serve beverages to earn tips.  Mrs. Brown will bring this up to the teachers. 
-         Johnny Rocket will be in December.

Fundraising Ideas: Paula Emanuele

-         See’s Candies: Holiday Program:  It does not cost us anything to sell.  Brochures and flyers will be printed for us at no cost.  We can pass this out to the students.  We will be making around $3 per 1 lb box of candies sold.  Free delivery over $615 or more. 
-         Goodwill Clothing Drive: Goodwill can leave a truck or trailer for us to collected items and pay our organization according to how much we fill the truck.  The smallest truck is 24’ long by 8’ wide by 10’ high.  100% full is worth $1000.  Goodwill will pay for partial fill of the truck.  This would be a one-day collection.  This is something to consider for next year. 
-         110 backpacks were donated to our school by a parent in various colors: black, grey, and navy.  Plan to have these backpacks silk screened with Castle Rock logo or name and maybe including a name/luggage tag for personalization.  We can sell these backpacks to students.  Paula will look for estimates on personalizing the backpacks.
-         Laser Quest General manager interested in coming to sell tickets and promote Laser Tag. 

Website: Grace Hu
-         Cancelled subscription to server.  Will be receiving a refund of $250.
-         We need more exposure to our website.  Ways to promote traffic to CRCC website:
-room parents to include crcc website link with email correspondence to parents
-include website address on letter we send out

Chairperson Reports:
- Box Top: Mirela Golonka:
    -$656 received from last fiscal year. 
    -This year already collected about $300 worth of box tops. 
    -Should be receiving payment in December as Box Top Program pays quarterly. 
    -Spent about $450 purchasing indoor board games for all classes.

Allocations: none

Open Floor:
-Office Depot gives 5% (of your purchase) donation to organization. 
 Need to tell cashier at check out.
-E-waste fundraiser: Mrs. Brown will find out what is a good location
           on campus for parents to drop off their e-waste.  Office supply stores
          give cash for bringing in e-waste.  Alicia Silva will look into details
           and possibly head up this program.
         -Info regarding Ralph’s program, Target program and other ways to
          contribute to school will be posted on the crcc website.
         -Next meeting: Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 7pm
          -No meeting in December.
          -Meet again January 11. 2011.

-Meeting Adjourned-

Castle Rock Elementary School
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
CRCC General Meeting
Castle Rock Elementary School Music Room
Meeting called to order: 7:03pm
Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm
Attendees: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Rodgers, Lisa May, Andrea Krantz, Paula Emmanuel, Anju Jain, Crystal Bernal, Tina Ly, Leanne Knight, Kathy Hauk, Susan Mitchell, Grace Hu, Megan Kim, Esther Do, Pamela Jong

Correspondence: No correspondence this month.

Treasures Report: Lisa May

-Spring Book Fair with Scholastics total sale of $9,200.46 of which CR received $2095.78 in cash.

-During 2009/2010 school year, Community Club had a deficit of about $9000.  We had to use money saved from previous years to cover the deficit.

-As of today, we still owe fieldtrip transportation from last school year. 

-Main expenses for the CC are copy machine maintenance & contracts and IT teacher. 

-It is important this year to increase our income with fundraisers. Also to decrease expenses such as prizes given out for the fundraisers.

-We will not be doing our usual fall fundraiser of selling cakes and cookies.  We will focus on the Educational Fund Drive. 

-We will also be eliminating paying for the website server which costs about $145 every two years.  Since we’ve already paid for the next two years, will see if we can get a refund for the unused prepaid portion.  We will continue to pay for the domain name for $10/year.

-The funds that comes in from now will not be designated for a specific event, the funds will be put toward General Fund.  For example, Popsicle sale money was designated toward 5th grade picnic; it will now be collected into the General Fund in order to use that money for other purposes. 

-Jamba Juice will give 10% of all purchases to our school in cash.  There is no cost to the patron or CRCC to join.  This is an ongoing fundraiser.  Patrons need to show Jamba Juice swipecard in order to track the sales.  The cards are pre-registered with CRCC info.  Parents can pick up a Jamba Juice Cards at the office.   

Teachers Liaison Report: Mrs. Rodgers

-Thanks CRCC for the $30 in book fair dollars for each of the teachers to purchase books for their classes.  Also $212 in book fair dollars to the Library. 

Principal Report: Mrs. Brown

-Back to School Night was a success.  Majority of parents attended and signed up for volunteers’ positions in the classrooms. 

-IT/Tech teacher’s salary will be $135/day at 144 days.  If everything goes as planned, IT instructor will be starting next week.

-SIP: School Improvement Program is a state-funded program that provides funds to support the instructional program for all K-5 students at Castle Rock.  The SIP fund is about $10,000 this school year compared to $65,000 a few years ago.  SIP funds used to pay for many items like librarian, school nurse among others.  Due to cut in SIP fund, hours of librarian and school nurse were cut.  Besides the SIP funds, CRCC contribute much to the school.  Since Castle Rock is a non-title school (title one), CR does not receive extra budget. 

-Enrollment this school year is 508 as of today.  Enrollment was 503 last years.  Next year’s funds for school is based on this year’s enrollment. 

-API score increased to 925, an increase of 2 points from prior year.  CR increased a total of 58 points in the past 3 years. 

-District allotting money to K-5 for specific tasks.  Teachers decided how to allot the funds as follows:
   K: Mrs. Balliver: Performing Arts/Music: 30 minutes once a week
   1st: Mrs. Gretts: Science      
   2nd & 3rd: Mrs. Balliver: Science: 40 minutes once a week
4th & 5th: Garvey: Science
Funds allocated to the above district funds were part of the teachers contract.

-Federal Education Bill from President Obama set aside for schools.  If all goes as planned, our district will possibly be getting about $200 per student which comes out to be about $2.8 mil for the distric.  This is a one-time payment and may have restrictions.  Details and restrictions have not been confirmed yet.

-Skills Tutor: we have one more year left on the contract. After teacher training, they will be setting up Skill Tutor for their classes and students.  Notice will be sent home once Skills Tutor is ready for student use.

-International Peace Day: September 21, 2010
Classes will be making class posters to recognize this day.  Mrs. Vera, IB coordinator will have all students make “Pinwheels for Peace” where students can write messages for peace on the pinwheels and place them either in their yards or various public locations (with prior approval from owner/manager of course) through the community to spread their messages.

-Picture Day is 9/29 from 8:30am-noon.  Need volunteers to assist this event. 

-Kindergarten started extended day.

Book Fair: Paula Emmanuel

-Scholastics gave 25 % of sale in cash to our school.  We received $2095.78 from this past book fair.  It was a great success.  Thanks to all volunteers.

-Next book fair will be held right before Winter Break in December.  This will run for 3 days only. 

-Seeking 3-4 volunteers for the next 2 book fairs.  This allows the volunteers to divide up the duties.  Contact Paula Emmanuel. 

Educational Fund Drive:

-Chairperson, Debra Miranda was unable to attend meeting.  Paula reported updates.

-will be heavily promoting the Educational Fund Drive. 

-No fall fundraiser this year since these two fundraisers are so close to each other in dates. 

-in place of the fall fundraiser, considering a Holiday Faire at the Kindergarten Holiday Performance.  Possibly a CR parent who is a professional magician to perform a magic show after the Kinder Performance along with Face painting, boutique items, hot cocoa for sale. Percentage of sale from boutique items to be donated to CRCC.  Date and time to be determined by Kindergarten teachers.

Parent Workshop Training: Andrea Krantz

-9/27 at 8:45 in the work room

-Parents are encourage to attend to learn to use various machines and use of supplies

Room Parent Meeting: Esther Do

-Workshop Meet & Greet for Room Parents will be held on 9/23 from 9am to 10:30 am in the Music Room.  This is a general meeting for the room parents.

Castle Rock Dining Out: Megan Kim 

-Once a month dining out event.  Keep the dates of the month consistent. Most of the months will be on the 3rd Thursday of each month. 

-1st Dining out will be at Souplantation in Brea on Oct. 21 starting at 5pm.

-tentative dates: Nov.18, Dec.9 (Johnny Rockets), Jan.20, Feb.10, Mar.17, Apr.14, May 19

Fundraising Opportunities: Paula

-Company pay school cash for clothing items.  Company is extremely popular, we were able to reserve the date of 9/29 for delivering our collected items to the company’s warehouse in Baldwin Park. 

-We will be collecting used clothing and others on 9/27 and 9/28.
-detailed flyers will go out the parents

-Need volunteers to collect the clothing during the morning drop off and afternoon pick up times; also need volunteers to drive the collected items to Baldwin Park.

Chairpersons Reports:

-Seeking a Publicity Chairperson to help promote all CRCC events.  Making posters, sending out emails, write up for the website.  Contact Paula.


-National Spelling Bee Entry Fee: $139.90 (3rd grade and above)
 Majority votes passed

-National Geography Bee Entry Fee: $90.00 (4th & 5th graders)
 Majority votes passed

-4 new tricycle for the Kindergarten playground: $150.00 plus tax per tricycle
 Majority votes passed to purchase 2 tricycles at $150.00 plus tax per tricycle totaling: $300.00 plus tax

-Music Team Funds requested by District $100.00
 Majority votes passed

-Meeting Adjourns-

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
CRCC General Meeting
Castle Rock Elementary School Music Room
Meeting called to order: 7:10pmMeeting adjourned: 8:30pm

Attendees: Connie Lee, Betty Garcia, Megan Kim, Linda Miiazya, Anju Jain, Cindy Yee, Grace Hu, Mirela Golonka, Esther Do, Jackie Brown, Nicole Rodgers, Paula Emanuele, Pamela Jong. 

-Self introduction of attendees.
-Minutes will now be posted on CRCC website.

Correspondence: -Thank you letter from Mrs. Peggy Vera for flowers sent to her on her last day as a teacher.

-Thank you letter from Mrs. Jackie Brown for Back to School Luncheon for teacher.

Treasures Report:
-Treasurer, Lisa May was not at this meeting. No report given out at this meeting.

Teacher Liaison Report:
-5th grade picnic last school year was a success. A big thanks to the Community Club.
-New Kindergarten teacher on board this year, Mrs. Paraz.
-Mrs.Vera is now the IB Consultant. She will be on campus every Tuesday and Wednesday.
-Miss Mattingly, the technology teacher is no longer at Castle Rock. She was offered a full time position elsewhere.
-Campus was kept very nicely over summer break.
-Teachers are looking forward to a new school year.

Principal Report:
-Dr. Simms no longer District Superintendent. The interim superintendent, Mr. Charles McCully will visit Castle Rock on September 7 after 1pm. The Board will search for a new superintendent to fill the position.
-During District Board Meeting held in May 2010, the Board proposed the closure of Walnut Elementary and Castle Rock Elementary as an option to cut cost. South Point Middle School will then become K-8th. Things to be considered if this is implemented includes: additional facilities needed at South Point to accommodate the increase of students, re-drawing the boundaries for each school. Please contact School Board or Principal Brown if any concerns or questions.
-Great start to a new school year. As of today, enrollment at CR is 509 students. (Last school year 499) . 3rd grade is full to capacity. There are still room in the 1st and 4th grades.
-Patty (front desk) no longer at CR. She was offered an 8 hour position at DB High School. We have a new office assistant. We also have a new kitchen manager, Christine.
-Pat, the school nurse had hours cut from 3 ½ last yr to 3 hours/day this school year due to budget cut.
-Star testing individual results were mailed home. Mrs. Brown has a copy of all the students results if anyone didn’t receive them. API score is to be published at a later date. CR’s score is expected to be around the same as previous year, may be up or down just a few points. 4th grade writing test has been reinstated. It will be held on March 1 this school year.
-Music Program for 4th and 5th grades stays the same as last year. 4th grade recorder. 5th grade: option of instrument or vocal.
-After School Activities for fee: Young Rambrandts Art program, Mad Science, Chess Masters. All will be held on Thursdays after school with each program running for 6-7 weeks. Please see school calendar for exact dates and time.
-Possible 4 recycling days throughout the school year to increase income for Community Club. Another possible fundraiser: Parents can purchase a ceramic tile and have children paint on them to be place on the school wall.

Book Fair:
-Back to School Book Fair 8/30 – 9/3. Theme: superheroes. Please contact Paula Emanuel to sign up to volunteer. Also looking for new coordinators for the next two book fairs which will be held prior to winter break and spring.

Fall Fundraiser:
-Bettie Garcia/Connie Lee, coordinators for the fall fundraiser. Selling desserts was the option presented. No dates has been set. Also looking into having a Fall Festival with magic show, face painting, pumpkin carving and selling small packets of nuts instead of desserts.

Educational Fund Drive:
-Debra Miranda, coordinator. This fundraiser will be held during the week of September 7th. Same format as last year. Depending on the amount donated, prizes will be rewarded accordingly. Proposed: giving a “Golden Apple” for $500 donation. Proposed: having donation gauges in the front and back of school to hopefully bring in more donation. Will reward the children for reaching a set goal. Specific reward has not been determined.

Box Tops:
-Mirela Golonka, Box Tops Coordinator. Over $600 collected from box top fundraiser. Will be using this money to purchase games for the classrooms. Teachers will be sending in a wish list of what indoor games they’d like to have.

Popsicles Sales:
-Popsicles sales are to help pay for 5th grade picnic. Susan Mitchell and Melanie Barajas are 5th grade picnic coordinators. They will decide whether they would like to sell popsicles as a fundraiser for the 5th grade picnic event.

Family Dining Out:
-New fundraiser. Dining out once a month at restaurants where restaurants will donate a percentage of their sales to the school. Coordinator: Megan Kim.

Running Club:
-Coordinator: Paul Emanuele and Mrs. Rodgers. Open to 3rd to 5th graders. No fee to join except possibly a small fee to purchase team t-shirts. Club will focus on cross-country running. Meet at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15 am starting September 14 ending October 14. Optional Mt. SAC Running Meet on October 15 after school.

Chairperson Reports:
-President: Paula Emanuele: Large portion of income comes from our big fundraisers like Educational Fund Drive, Fall Fundraiser, Knight on the Run and Family Fun Night. All money raised goes to pay for Field trips, Meet the Masters Art Program, Technology teacher, Supplies, Yearbook, copiers. Monthly reports will be available at each monthly general meeting.
-All estimated expenses over $500 needs to be approved by the CRCC Board before for approval. All estimated expenses over $500 also require 2 minimum bids from different vendors.

Website Coordinator: Grace Hu. Looking into making website more user friendly and more visually appealing.

- Payment for the Technology Consultant: $135/day and 144 days totaling $19,440 for the 2010-2011 school year.  Majority votes passed
- Purchase of Smencils to give as prizes for turning in each complete sheet of Box Tops as well as selling them for fundraiser. $250 for 500 Smencils.  Majority votes passed

Next CRCC General Meeting scheduled for September 14

Upcoming Events:

8/30-9/3 Book Fair
8/27 Minimum Day
9/2 Back-to-School (1st-5th)
9/3 Minimum Day
9/6 No School
9/10 9/11 Remembrance (8:30am-9:00am)
9/14 CRCC meeting